TERA Console: Awakening Date Announce Trailer

via press release

The Awakening update for the action MMO TERA has been announced, which features new Apex class skills for all 13 classes as well as the Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon. TERA’s new Awakening update is scheduled to launch on June 30, 2020, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In preparation for this new update, En Masse is today releasing a hotfix build with a new event dungeon, Demon’s Wheel, and the return of the fan-favorite dungeon RK-9 kennel!

In this Awakening update, console players may enjoy new and unique abilities for each class that allows for a more dynamic combat role. Players who have reached level 65 and item level 439 can start the Velika Banquet questline and earn their new Apex skills. With these new abilities unlocked players can test their skills and dive into the Dark Reach Citadel Dungeon to take on fearsome foes and unravel the machinations of a mysterious faction.

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