The Long Dark: Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy Goes Live

Whether or not you’ve played the other two episodes of The Long Dark or not, players will have access to Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy, on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Instead of playing as Will Mackenzie, players will have a new focal point. Dr. Astrid Greenwood heads into the unforgiving wild and has her own story of survival and exploration.

In continued support of the community, players new to The Long Dark purchase one game at one price and receive all previous episodes, updates and content, while 3.3 million existing purchasers automatically receive Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy for free. Both new and long-time players alike will receive all future updates and content for free as part of their game purchase

Hinterland founder and creative director, Raphael van Lierop discussed this latest update:

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to share part of Astrid’s story with our players. Episode Three introduces new characters, new gameplay systems, and new plot arcs that reveal more about the nature of our Quiet Apocalypse. We can’t wait to hear what players think about our latest work on The Long Dark.”

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