This Is The Police 2 Begins Pre-Registration

This Is The Police 2 is coming to both iOS and Android soon and has begun pre-registration in the links below. It takes place in Sharpwood, a border town in the north, where everyone knows each other and upholds all traditions; no matter how barbaric. Despair grows, as does violence, and as the new sheriff, Lilly Reed needs to maintain order. Her subordinates aren’t used to receiving commands from a young woman, but it needs to be done. A mysterious stranger arrives in town, named Warren Nash. Nobody knows what he will bring to Sharpwood though: Salvation or perdition? Based on the original This Is The Police, it will add more to the franchise with a complex tactical mode, that will surely entertain and challenge for hours. This Is The Police 2  is a premium title, available for 7.99, and has no in-game ads, loot boxes, or other gambling features.

Pre-Register: iOS and Android

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