This War of Mine’s ‘Fading Embers’ DLC Available Now

The newest expansion for This War of Mine, “Fading Embers” is available on Steam today for 3.99 USD. This is the third installment in the This War of Mine: Stories series, and portrays the story of Anja. Anja wrestles with the question of “What is more important: The survival of human legacy or the survival of a man?”  and should absolutely be experienced.

Fading Embers contains a ton of new content including new locations in the city of Pogoren and its vicinity, new shelters people can live in, enhanced locations from the original game, and new playable survivors and citizens. Fading Embers brings with it new ways to experience the story, offering a non-linear structure. Multiple endings can be experienced, based on the players decisions. Since the theme is around the human legacy, there are new gameplay mechanics, such as collecting art, deciding its fate and much more.

Lead Artist of Fading Embers, Tomasz Kisilewicz, “The new This War of Mine: Stories episode touches on the subject of cultural heritage and what it means during the war. Is it worth preserving even at the darkest times? Or maybe when we’re pushed to our limits, when death and starvation are omnipresent – we change our perception of art and culture? And despite the artistic value – paintings, sculptures, and rare books – become mere tools of survival. Just because by destroying them we can postpone our own demise. Is this cost justifiable? Players will have to face those dilemmas for themselves.

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