Toplitz Productions Announces New Simulation Games

Toplitz Productions, known for their hit “Dynasty” series of simulation games, announced a trio of new titles during Gamescom 2019. The first is Medieval Dynasty, which will release in 2020, with players founding a village in the Middle Ages. They will expand into a thriving city, in both a first-person and open-world perspective. The timeline will cover generations of the player’s family and will easily span decades. Next up is Trucker’s Dynasty: Cuba Libre, which will be unveiled during Gamescom. Also planned for a 2020 release, it will have players running a burgeoning trucking empire, as they transport cargo across Cuba. This cargo may or may not also be illicit.

For the naturalists out there, Toplitz has Lumberjack’s Dynasty where players manage forests, harvest timber, and produce high-quality lumber and other products for sale. Players get behind the controls of some heavy logging equipment and harvest prime timber as they grow to dominate the forestry industry. Lumberjack’s Dynasty will go live in Q4 2019. The final title announced was Farmer’s Dynasty, which is a generation-spanning farming business simulation. This game is nearly at the end of development, with a new update having just been released. Players will manage every element of farming, from renovating buildings, breeding animals, cultivating fields, and hopefully, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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    Timber! Start your chainsaw and control heavy equipment through the woods! Lumberjack's Dynasty is now available as a full version on Steam.