Total War: Three Kingdoms 2019 Developer Interview

Jason flew out to San Francisco to have a chat with some of the developers behind Total War: Three Kingdoms about the game and get some hands-on experience with the game. Here’s a list of the questions, if there’s a specific topic you want to jump to.

“Three Kingdoms has a ton of noteworthy and important characters. Was it hard to create stats and classes for so many of them without duplicates?” – 0:15

“The Three Kingdoms Era is a much different era than others Total War fans have seen. What new major mechanics can they look forward to?” – 3:45

“Coalitions are a large part of the Three Kingdoms era. If a player becomes too powerful, will they need to worry about NPCs forming coalitions against them?” – 6:25

“What sort of benefits will forging social connections with your various generals provide?” – 8:08

“Total War: Three Kingdoms starts just after the Yellow Turban rebellion, which is a bit of a departure from other games in this setting. What inspired this choice? Will it still be referenced in the game?” – 10:36

“Are there currently any plans for DLC or other content updates? If so, can you talk about them today?” – 13:54

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