Total War: Three Kingdoms Gives First Look at Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo aims to take control of the land while it burns and crumbles into chaos during the events of Total War: Three Kingdoms. Driven by greed and a need to instill fear and terror into all those under him, his gameplay is certainly unique. His playstyle relies on executing government officials, claiming vassals territory as his own, and bullying those weaker than him. The Han is in his clutches and the fear he creates is palpable.

Players can unlock Dong Zhuo’s campaign by defeating his army in a battle or by reaching the rank of Emperor, bringing the total number of playable warlords to 12. Each of the warlords has their unique strengths they’ll have to employ to unify Ancient China. Today we have a Let’s Play that shows off what he can do, and embedded is the shorter “features” teaser that also covers the mighty Dong Zhuo zi Zhongying.

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