Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Now Available

SEGA Europe launched the latest Total War title today, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, available on PC. Three Kingdoms marks the first major historical game in the BAFTA-award winning series in six years, and the most pre-ordered to date.  Players delve into second-century China, during the Sanguoyanyi era. The Han Dynasty is collapsing, and the player will take center stage as one of the legendary leaders of the era. Each plays differently, and Total War: Three Kingdoms comes with enhanced diplomacy, deeper character interactions, and a robust espionage system, it’s a major step forward for the franchise.

“With Three Kingdoms, we’ve created one of the deepest strategy experiences of the franchise,” said Game Director Janos Gaspar. “We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in its representation of the rich culture of China, and the evolution it represents for Total War.”

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