Total War: Three Kingdoms: Warlords of the Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly released a new trailer for the upcoming Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, that shows off the various warlords that players can control, all of which seek hegemony over the land. Whether they want to heal the land as Liu Bei, rule over the land with fear and terror as Dong Zhuo, or lead the grand alliance as Yuan Shao, the choice is yours. Today we have a highlight of the various warlords.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Warlords:

  • Sun Jian: The Tiger of Jiangdong (Wentai)
  • Cao Cao: The Puppet Master (Mengde)
  • Liu Bei: Leader of the People (Xuande)
  • Zheng Jiang: The Bandit Queen
  • Dong Zhuo: The Tyrant (Zhongying)
  • Gongsun Zan: The Knight (Bogui)
  • Yuan Shu: The Pretender (Gonglu)
  • Kong Rong: The Master Scholar (Wenju)
  • Liu Biao: The Aristocrat (Jingsheng)
  • Zhang Yan: The Soldier of Fortune (Bomei)
  • Ma Teng: The Loyalist (Shoucheng)
  • Yuan Shao: The Alliance Leader (Benchu)

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