Tribes of Midgard Begins First Open Beta This Weekend

Though Tribes of Midgard will not launch onto PC and Console until 2020, PC gamers can join the first Open Beta for it this weekend. Starting on July 26th (3 PM ET) until July 28th (11:59 PM ET), Norsfell comes to life. The Asgardian Gods and Giants are battling endlessly, and the Giants, fed up with the deception of the Gods, have decided to invade Asgard. However, the Giants must pass through the realm of the Vikings to get there, and Ragnarok has officially begun. However, Viking warriors will do their best to defend the seeds of Yggdrasil, that binds the realms together and protects the gods.

Players will customize a character, form a tribe, and defend/explore procedurally generated worlds, filled with mythical resources and creatures. Villages must be defended at night from the legions of Hel, and also prepare for the arrival of the mighty Giants. This beta can be found on Steam for free.

“There’s a beauty to the concept of Ragnarök, and we wanted to create a game where players could experience this deadly battle from a human perspective,” said Julian Maroda, CEO and Creative Director for Norsfell. “Tribes of Midgard highlights the tenacity of humans in the face of guaranteed doom.”

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