Triton Survival Hits Steam Early Access

Triton Survival is a futuristic survival/shooter from DreamsSoftGames, that hit Steam’s Early Access program today. Triton Survival is a 3D action shooter with a heavy focus on crafting, gathering, and survival, not to mention crafting and fighting waves of aliens. The goal is that Triton Survival will stay in Early Access for 12 months, and the full version will feature greater balance, and full four-player co-op, among other features. Players will be able to do a fair amount of crafting, with a wiring system so they can connect generators with devices that require energy resources, and will also have transport drones, which will be ideal for heavier resources.

“Triton Survival is our most ambitious project so far”, claims Luis de la Cruz, CEO at DreamsSoftGames. “Fans of survival games will find a big challenge with our new game”.

Future Features for Triton Survival:

  • Up 4 players Cooperative mode.
  • Interplanetary travel system through the Triton Portal (when their power is enough). Creation of the satellite system of the planet Neptune with enemy procedural bases and new resources only available on this planet.
  • Improved Survival system (hunger and thirst, oxygen, temperature, radiation,…).
  • Improved enemy hordes generation. Balance of the game difficulty depending on your defensive system (weaponry, structure types of your base and players connected), number of enemies per horde and attack power (the type of weapon, vehicles).
  • Vehicles (with construction and customization system).
  • Mounts.
  • A Tutorial Quest.
  • Game modes: Survival (solo player or up 4 players Cooperative), Creative, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (up 4 players).
  • Expansion of crafting resources, building structures, weapons, enemies, flora, fauna…
  • Hunting and raising creatures to obtain their resources.
  • Improvements on all features of the game.

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