Uragun Announces PC Q4 2020 Release Date

Top-down mech shooter Uragun (developer: Kool2Play Studio) has revealed its launch time during Q4 2020 on Steam (consoles TBA).

In a recent trailer (shown below), Uragun offers an overview of new features and the weapons arsenal. Among the shown weapons and skills players can find:

  • Hammerjump – rise into the air, and then hit the ground with all your might, crushing everyone who failed to escape
  • Railgun – a powerful, focused laser beam that will dissolve any armor that comes in direct contact with it, leaving only sheet metal remains
  • Orbital Strike – use the help of an orbital station and summon a deadly rocket raid wherever you need it
  • Minefield – scatter the mines around your position and watch the horde of AI machines fall apart into pieces
  • Killing Dash – escape for a while from the battlefield and take an opportunity to… destroy everyone who stands in your way

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