Vane is Now Available on Steam

Friend & Foe release their game, that comes after more than four years in development on Steam, with Vane. Available for 19.99, it also has a 10% launch discount, and a soundtrack on Steam and Bandcamp for 6.99. Vane is set in a ruined desert, where players will transform between a bird and child form to unravel great mysteries. This land is filled with ominous caves, mysterious machinery, and terrifying storms to endure. The PC release of Vane also has the updates added to the PS4 release, from more forgiving checkpoints, increased performance and bug fixes.

“Vane represents the fruits of our labor for nearly half a decade and we’re thrilled to bring it to a platform as globally popular as PC,” said art director Rasmus Deguchi. “Since Vane contains no words whatsoever, it can be understood universally across all cultures and languages. We recognize that its abstract approach to storytelling won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s the game we set out to make and we’re very proud of how it came together in the end. We hope PC players appreciate our vision.”

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