WarpThrough To Launch from Roofkat in Late 2019

Independent developer Roofkat announced today that their debut title, a 2D arcade platformer, WarpThrough hits Steam and itch.io in late 2019. Players will leap from portal to portal in arena-style levels, traveling through dimensions and doing battle with challenging monsters. These need to be bested before they overwhelm you. There’s a catch though. You can only charge your attack while standing still.

You begin the game playing as Charlotte, who wakes up one morning only to find that monsters from other dimensions are invading her world. Luckily, her dad Manor has invented an interdimensional warp machine. Unluckily, it has swallowed up her best friends Three and Ebbie, along with Ebbie’s dog Ball. Each character will have their own powers, so it’s up to you to figure out who to use when.

WarpThrough will have a story campaign and an arcade mode, which are both playable in local co-op. The weekly challenge mode will also test players’ skills. But choosing between parkouring to a portal or doing battle will offer a unique tactical feel to Roofkat’s game.

Ramon Huiskamp, founder of Roofkat talked about their first game:

“I’m so excited to formally announce WarpThrough and reveal that it’s launching in late 2019. The stop to attack mechanic really subverts the kind of gameplay you would expect from an arcade platformer. In WarpThrough staying still and surveying the level is just as important as navigating around it as quickly as possible!”

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