WARSAW to Launch on PC in September 2019

Independent game publisher Gaming Company are working with Pixelated Milk to release a WWII tactical RPG, coming to Steam this September – Warsaw. Warsaw will have players leading the Polish underground resistance against the city’s Nazi oppressors. Recruitment, developing and managing of your fighters is key as you take them into battle in an immersive urban warfare setting.

Warsaw will blend RPG and strategy elements, requiring careful management of resources, as these – ammo, supplies, and people – are all finite resources. They will also need to scout carefully and make sure their hideouts are secure to make sure each of the city’s zones can be liberated. With a beautiful-hand painted art style WARSAW’s character, enemy and environment design is the product of months of research and consultation with historical experts to create fully accurate uniforms, weapons, city layouts down to the stylized font used in the UI.


  • A mix of tactical RPG with a touch of strategy
  • Team and equipment management
  • A deep system of interlocking skills
  • Flanking, cover, positioning, weapon range and ammo consumption – all need to be taken into account during firefights
  • A fully realized city to traverse
  • Leave the safety of your hideout to scout the streets, collect resources, recruit new members, and engage with enemy assailants

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