Will to Live Receives Massive Update in August

Post-Apocalyptic Shooter, Will to Live Online receives a huge update in August that will feature new tech, like teleportation. Players will be able to quickly get across the map that way, and Radio anomalies will serve as the Wormholes. Some of these have unpredictable sources of danger and can chart the safe route map by trial and error, or collect parts of a map. Hostile NPCs will also come with that update, that use the same abilities and equipment as players. They lurk in special zones and attack the unwary. Ammo crafting also comes to Will to Live, and players can use the recipe to cast a bullet, produce the cartridge, and obtain the ammo that they need. It can also deal better damage than whatever vendors offer. New weapons also come to the game, such as:

  • very powerful shotgun;
  • three new automatic guns, including Zastava rifle and VSS Vintorez rifle;
  • two new handguns.

In addition, players can also purchase Will to Live Online with a 40% discount on their Steam Page.

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