Wolfteam International

Wolfteam is an amazing looking FPS game which spent a great amount of detail on the backgrounds and settings. You’re not just walking through a random bombed-down area, but these environments have true character. They clearly have a history, people were once there. That makes Wolfteam much more lifelike and exciting. But don’t get distracted too much, you’re being hunted!

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    Watch the official OnRPG video review for Wolfteam, an innovative MMOFPS where you can play a soldier like a regular shooter, or transform into a wolf, ent

  • Wolfteam Cinematic Trailer

    This cinematic trailer really shows off the mood in this gritty MMO FPS. It sure makes me want to play!

  • WolfTeam Gameplay Trailer

    Utilize the power of both human and werewolf to slaughter the opposition!

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