World War 3 Adds TDM Moscow Map, Server Browser and More

World War 3 is getting set for a major update, in 0.4. This is their most important update thus far, as it improves a great deal under the hood, in addition to adding a new map. Team Deathmatch: Moscow Senate arrives in this update, as does the long-requested Server Browser. This will make it easier to join your friends in matches. Player movement also saw an improvement, with many animations being smoothed out and polished. Gameplay elements and sound effects are also being improved in 0.4, and a list of these is below. World War 3 also has an updated Content Roadmap, which can be found in this link. World War 3 is also on sale for 20% during the Lunar New Year Sale, for those who were holding off on purchasing Early Access. It can be found on Steam here.

Key Improvements

  • Server Browser
  • Player movement
  • Optimization & Stability
  • Animation
  • Major gameplay balance pass
  • Sound effects

New Content

  • Team Deathmatch map: Moscow Senate
  • Weapon: DMG Nine-Milli
  • Vehicle: Buggy
  • Character outfit: Resistance
  • Additional cosmetic customization options
  • Chinese language

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