YAGA Announces PC and Console Release Date

Yaga is an upcoming action RPG that is heading to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One from Breadcrumbs Interactive and Versus Evil. They announced the release date, and all platforms will receive the game on November 12th, 2019. PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch also will have a 20% pre-order discount. The Epic Games Store discount is live now, with the other two going live on November 4th.

In Yaga, Ivan is a one-handed blacksmith, who unfortunately has very bad luck. Ivan has to complete impossible tasks by the Tzar, and while this goes on, Baba Yaga, the mysterious witch watches over his fate. Players will dive into a forging system to make weapons like teleporting lightning hammers, and Hookshot pitchforks to defeat Slavic folklore legends. With multiple endings, multiple ways of solving encounters, procedural maps, lots of characters to encounter, and hidden secrets mean Yaga is meant to be played over and over again.

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