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Oz Virtual World

Overview: Oz world is a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-playing game). Oz world encourage gamers to make friends around. Oz have a level up system. Oz have a selection between the mouse and the keyboard to move around. You can go shopping around in the world of Oz and fish for underwater creatures to earn gold.

Graphics: Oz world has good 3D graphics for a MMORPG of its own game category. It has very detailed character and buildings, different wether conditions. It has cool effects too like the small wave circles created when something land in the water. The character is well animated with realstics features. Oz has different camera angles which could be adjust by the player but having some restrictions. Oz deserve a 7/10 for it’s graphics, Oz could score a better mark if the camera views dosent have the restrictions and the posture of the characters sleep on the bed.

Sound: Oz has a variety of background music at different places of the game, the background musics are smoothing and relaxing to your game play. It also has effects sound like the casting of fishing rods and landing of them, swimming in the water, sitting down on the bench and many more. OZ enables you to turn the volume of the indivual sound effects according to your likings. Oz deserve a high mark of 9/10 for its sound category.

Gameplay: Oz world like i had said earlier on that it encourages gamers to make friends around and had a virtual romace world. In the world of Oz, gamers gain gold by fishing different kinds of fishes which could sell for different prices sometimes in special ocassion gamers can earn more gold by attending events, gamers can buy clothes from stores and dress the way you wants, gamers can also purchase house, furniture, flowers and many other stuffs. Starting with a Citizen rank, gamers have to give flower to different people to Level up the rank, the higher the rank you gets this enables you to more varities of items. There are different towns and zones which you can explore with. Oz gameplay deserve a 6.5/10 as sometimes it gets pretty bored fishing fishes for gold you gotta find yourself a bunch of good friends which you can communicate well where the fun will begins.

Addtional Comments: If Oz has the funds to buy the patch from Korea, English Oz can be a much more better game than now, with new zones new stuffs it will be a brand new experince for every gamer on the run. This game is suitable for both male and female and for all ages. The downloading speed for Oz is quite fast, for me it just took me a couple of minutes.

Legend of the Green dragon-RevolutionX server

Although, all these LotGD servers are kinda the same, they all are different also (most of them)

Gameplay: Pretty fun, nice selection of races to choose from, 8 races ๐Ÿ™‚ including the drow. Like most of the others, it as its funny parts too, heres an example: “Farmboy Vendayn has been slain in the forest by Coblynau
You know, Farmboy Vendayn really had it coming to him after all those things I said about his mom,” commented Coblynau.” Ok, might not be the funniest, I kinda thought it was. 7/10

Layout : The layout is pretty much like the main server LoTGD. Different buildings then the others, like a stat upgrade building for gems. 7/10

Overall : Funner then the other server I reviewed, more turns and quicker day times and good races, not many people play at the moment from what I can see, never see anyone on, although people do chat, but I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Oz World

This game is totaly cool. You can gain money by buying gold in the site or fishing. The population of this game is very small but friendly. It is 3d, and for me its better than Sims online. You can build house and dress up. It has an anime feeling on it. Its english and the community speaks english too. The npcs are like the ones in Final Fantasy 8.

The sounds?? Very cool! It even has day/night modes and sometimes snow. IT IS FREE!

Legend of The Green Dragon Pyson Server

There are alot of servers to choose from
this server Pyson as 50 turns per in-game day.
Graphics: It’s a text based game, what do you expect? Do like the background so. Can’t really rate this.

Gameplay : Pretty fun, funny to sometimes. Alot of turns to play. Once, I got a monster npc called”Bald programmer”. Sometimes when you kill a monster it says something funny for killing it. 8/10

Sound What sound? Oh, I like my mouse clicking ๐Ÿ™‚

Community : Haven’t speant much time in this area, did ask a question and got laughed at. So, 3/10

Overall : Pretty fun, kinda like the other Legend of the green dragon servers. More “mounts” to choose from, which give you more power or other things, they cost gems and sometimes money to buy. Alot of turns you can use, which is nice. Overall I rate it a 7/10

Runescape II – F2P (Second Opinion)

Runescape has changed alot since the last review, that’s why I’m writing this.

——-Gameplay – 7 – The battle system is waaay too slow, not enough quests for F2P. All the abilities are great!

——Graphics – 6 – A little blockly, not much detail, but hey, it’s a java game!

——Sound – 7 – Music is great, I mean it, but the sound affects aren’t very catchy

—–Replay Value – 8 – It has a great replay value, but some poeple just quit playing it

—–Reviewers Tilt – 9 – I just love this game!




EverQuest is a very solid game, with a loyal fan base and over 500,000+ people have once held accounts since it started March 16th, 1999. For all the expansions, EverQuest runs for about 40$ off their website ( ). Although it has a steep subscription price at $12.95 per month, ordering for longer amounts of time (3, 6 or 24 month) lowers the price per month by a few dollars.
Once you log into EverQuest you are surrounded by Tolkien-inspired characters such as the halflings. EQ offers many class/race combinations with 15 races and 16 classes. I chose to be a Halfling Warrior. As I first logged in I was surrounded by a slightly confusing and cluttered User Interface. After a few minutes of figuring out where buttons were at, I learned that EQ has a very interesting newbie help system, where all local merchants and other Non-Player Characters can be located by simply clicking on their name from a list. This is very helpful for new players to navigate. After equiping my newbie weapon and shirt (Yes they give you free food and backpack in the beginning too!), I departed from Rivervale and ventured out into Misty Thicket, the local newbie zone, full of bats, rats, goblins, orcs and other assorted monsters for fighting. I noticed relativly high frame rates throughout the zone and decent graphics. One interesting feature not seen in many MMORPG’s is the ability to highly detail the facial features of your character down to the eye color. The sounds of EverQuest make you feel as if you are actually there, from the energetic tones of Rivervale to the intense sounds of the combat theme. Combat took very few seconds to grasp as I mastered the kick, bash, and taunt. I soon learned that when you died below level 10 you lost no experience and you did not have to retrieve your items from your body, but as you progressed you would. The players are very helpful and relativly mature. Within an hour of playing I was met by a young Halfling Druid who soon became my partner. We were in a group in which I was the “tank” and he was the healer. I personally thought the spell graphics were incredible looking. EverQuest is an always evolving game with many features that continue to pop up! Join a guild and raid Vox the Dragon or take a journey and master the art of smithing.

Graphics: 8 A little weak in some areas, but with Luclin Expansion the characters are nice looking.
Sound: 10 Hundreds of songs for each zone, however some get stuck in your head after a while!
Gameplay:9 Once you get the hang of it you become addicted, when Sony says “Your in our world now” they really mean it!
Overall: 9/10 Well worth dropping 50$ for, get the first 3 expansions for free and try it out for yourself.

System Specs Used For Testing
AMD 2600 2.133 GHZ
ATI Radeon 9600 PRO 256MB
Cable Internet (3MBPS)