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Boss, is born to be challenged

Boss, is born to be challenged

Every one has his own cross to bear, so does the Boss in Elf Online (
As the final stronghold in a map, Boss seemingly struggles for the solemn sovereignty of its domain. Figuratively speaking, Boss is the backbone of its clique or a flagship of a fleet. Once it’s been defeated, its fortification corrupts. Admittedly, words fail to illustrate the pleasant sensation of overcoming the arch enemy, but when throat-cut battle taken place, the participants involved in the wave of roaring and blooding could have put aside the conventional victory or failure, what they concern is, battle spirit. Despite one party should be put to the sword, no one withdraw and no one give up. In this speaking, Boss deserves the awe and reverence from challengers.

We should say, hero is brought out by the rival.

More information about Elf Online please visit
Official forum

Voyage Century Brand New Fishing System

Voyage Century Online ( will be launching a brand new Fishing System, which differs in many ways from the former one.

The Fishing area has been changed from the offshore area to the high sea. The new system offers more rewards, more coins, more Holy water, and more rare advanced equipment material. In addition, Players no longer need to worry about loot dropped by monsters being robbed by other players, or not being able to afford some elite equipment.

In order to offer players the best gaming experience, the Voyage Century team will continue perfecting the game. Watch for more new systems being developed soon!
For more please visit the official site at

Tales of Pirates: Officially Released

IGG has announced that their prized 3D MMORPG, Tales of Pirates (, has completed the development and will have been officially released on March 24, 2008.

Tales of Pirates started its’ Alpha Test on March 15, 2007 and its’ Open Beta Test on March 29, 2007 respectively and during the tests they received tons of encouraging comments while the number of players online climbed significantly.

IGG has promised that they will continue doing their best to perfect the game and offer the best services. Additionally, to celebrate this important moment, they have prepared many online and offline events for players.

For more info about these events visit:

Zu Online: Events to Celebrate the Coming Easter

Easter this year means a lot to Zu Online (, because this is the first Easter after the server integration, so they have prepared some captivating events for their players.

Event 1: Flash Game
There is a simple flash game for Easter. Who will obtain the most Easter Eggs?

Event 2: Knowledge Contest
After the flash game warm-up, it should be safe to use your brain now.
This contest contains 35 questions.
In addition, there is a ranking system for this contest. The top 10 players will receive rewards.

Notes: In order to avoid cheating, there will be a function to prevent participants’ answers from being seen by other players (only the admins are able to see everyone). To be fair, we will announce all participants’ answers at the end of the event as well.

Event Duration: Mar 19th to Mar 24th

Selection Duration: Mar 25th to Mar 28th

Announce Winners: Mar 29th

For more information about these events visit them at:

Angels Online: Newbie Lucky Bag Giveaway

With all the new events and promotions going on, Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted more and more new players.
In the beautiful March, AO team is going to offer this special bonus to these lovely players.

Newbie Lucky Bags Coming! GET YOURS for free!

In order to ensure new player a more comfortable gaming experience at the starting stage of this game, the AO team is cooperating with some other media sites to offer some free Newbie Lucky Bag. The first passel will be given out for free on March 21st
. Player who receives this bag will not only get several helpful items but will obtain a cool pink pig to ride!

These Newbie Lucky Bags will be given out in the form of serial number. After obtaining a serial number from any of these cooperating media site, players just need to
1. Login to the official Angels Online website (
2. Register an IGG account
3. Download and install the client.
4. Enter the game and create a character.
5. Return to the event page ( and enter the serial number.
6. Then players can enter the game and find Bao Clerk to redeem the Newbie Pack: Please click on “Choose the dummy treasure”.

The giveaway will start on Mar 21st so please keep an eye on the official site and the below cooperating media site:

IGG is here sincerely inviting any other media to join and become our partner!
For more please visit:

New content for Infinity Online

Infinity Online is ready for its first update. As of March 26th GameTribe will offer you the “Weapon Strength System”.

Besides this new tool you’ll have a chance to enjoy some brand new items :

  • Extend oil for attack range (increase attacking power by 7% for a limited time)
  • Extend oil for attack angle (increase attacking angle by 7° for limited time)
  • Awakening of flash (awake player and damage all the enemies physical attack)

The warriors are in the arena and are waiting for new fighters: are you ready to battle against them? Get into the game and show your power!!!

60,000 US Dollars Given Away! – Phoenix Dynasty Online Hottest News!

We are glad to announce that the Play to Earn Campaign has been successfully concluded. We are glad to know that players really love this Play to Earn activity and during the last month, they were working hard and helped to improve Phoenix Dynasty Online a lot.
To express our sincere gratitude for their enthusiasm for the game, we rewarded the PDO players with unprecedentedly huge Phoenix Points totally equivalent to the value of 60.000 US dollars.

On the other hand, our players also felt much obliged to us, for they not only could receive homage from other players but also, more important, can purchase such bizarre and helpful PP items as potions producing special effects, unique mounts and unmatched equipment to arm themselves. With PDO prospering as time pass by, these players backed by such precious PP items will surely play an important role in the game.

Our Play to Earn Campaign come to a slight halt here but it will not cease. In the near future we will bring it back to benefit more players and to show Phoenix Dynasty Online is a true Play to Earn online game!

You can purchase Phoenix Points by clicking here.

Dont’ forget other in-game interesting events giving players free PP, such as Item Crafting Contest, Real Life Pictures Selection and Writing Contest. You can visit PDO official website here for more information. In addition, PDO will frequently launch special offer campaigns to entertain players. In such campaigns you can purchase precious PP items at preferential prices. Currently a similar campaign is fully launched. If you are interested in it, please visit here.

You won’t be disappointed with those high quality goods.

In the end of this month, the first expansion pack of Phoenix Dynasty Online will be released. It will add a lot of new functions to the game and you will experience totally different ways to play a MMORPG. For more information, please visit here .

Server wipes

Today, March 19, 2008; the Shadowbane Service has been brought offline in anticipation of the new servers on March 25, 2008. The original "Offline Date" was adjusted to ensure enough time for all of the preparations to be made for a smooth transition from the old servers to the new.

Shadowbane will be back on March 25, 2008 with two new servers; Malog and Saedron. For more information on the changes that have been made in anticipation of the new servers, please click this link.

Malog will be the ARAC (All Races all Classes) server and Saedron will be the Loreplay (Guild and Grouping Restrictions apply) server.

We are all very excited that the new servers are coming and look forward to seeing many old and new faces around Shadowbane when the fires of war return!


Voyage Century: Easter Event

With Easter quickly approaching, the Voyage Century ( team will be holding the ‘Smashing the Easter Eggs’ event. What kinds of gifts are hidden in the Easter Eggs? Double Experience Scroll? Refined Material? Or the famous fishing rod? Join us and try your luck.

Event Duration: March 22nd to April 25th 
Event Location: The Official Voyage Century website
Event Rules:
1. To participate: You must have at least 200 credits (200 credits=The bonus you gain after consuming 200 points=2 Quintessence Posts= Recommend a friend to play our game)
2. To Participate: Log onto the event page, and use the hammer to smash 1 Easter Egg, after this, 200 credits will be deducted from your account, and you will obtain corresponding gift.

Rewards Information:

The Unexpected Pirze
Rod, Fine Fishing Rod, Navigation Fishing Rod, Deep-sea Fishing rod
The Lucky Prize
Refined Steel, Pure Steel Plate, Comfortable Handle, Refined Steel Thread
The Surprising Prize
Pure Steel, Steel plate, Handle, Steel Thread, Double Experience Scroll
The Honorable Mentioned
50 credits
For other information of VCO, please visit the official site:

Wonderland Online: Alpha Test Invitations

The Wonderland Online ( Alpha Test will be held at the end of March. This test will be focused on finding and fixing as many bugs as possible. Therefore, IGG will only send out a limited amount of test accounts. IGG would sincerely appreciate any help from game guilds who want to join the test.

Game guilds are alliances of people with similar hardcore gaming habits who often play games together. Players who have a guild and a group of members can sign up for the Alpha Test.

Sign up time:
Mar 18th to Mar 25th
How to sign up:
Send an email to
Or post in the Wonderland Forum Guild Zone:

The email should include the following information:
A: Guild name
B: Number of guild members
C: Guild website
D: Number of Guild members participating in the test
E: Contact email

The selected guilds will get these rewards
A: A test account for each member
B: After the test, each guild will get a certain amount of item mall points valued at about 100 US dollars. (IGG will give these points to the guild leader and then the leader will distribute them to their members at their own discretion.)

1. All character data will be wiped out after the test.
2. The selected guilds should add the Wonderland Online link and log to their website.
3. IGG will send out an email with the exact time for the test.
4. Selected guilds should make sure all characters reach level 15+, or the guild will not get any rewards.

For more, please visit here: