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Project Powder Closed Beta Onrpg Exlusive

Outspark is giving away 5,000 accounts for the Project Powder Closed beta!

The first 5,000 people that register using the link from OnRPG will get a spot in the closed beta.  Registrants will then immediately get an email with a download link for the game client, and will be able to log in and play when the beta servers come online at 10:00 AM PDT on June 24.  Once the 5,000 beta "keys" are used up, we’ll either allocate more keys or just include registrants using the tracking code in the general pool of possible testers, depending on how many total testers we’ve gotten.

To sign up head on over to:

New SOL Server “GreyRock” Set to Release June 26th!

Mark your calendars, because we have something NEW and BIG in store for you!

The Grand Opening of our new server, “GreyRock” is set to open at 6:00pm PST, June 26th (1:00am GMT, June 27th).

The existing “Horea” Pacific server will stay “as is”, meaning there will be no character wipes, no time changes, and no transferring of characters through servers. The “GreyRock” server will be a clone of the “Horea” Pacific server, except that everyone will begin at the same level, providing us the opportunity to introduce the… leveling up contest! Yay!

GreyRock server Leveling-Up contest

Location: server “GreyRock”

When: June 26th 6:00pm PST – July 10th 6:00pm PST (June 27th 1:00am GMT – July 11th 1:00am GMT)

• First place will receive (1) a never-before released mount, and (2) 5,000 SOL diamonds.
• Second to Fifth place will receive (1) a never-before released mount, and (2) 1,000 SOL diamonds.
• Sixth to Tenth place will receive 1,000 SOL diamonds.
• Eleventh to Twenty-fifth place will receive 500 SOL diamonds.


1. Join the NEW “GreyRock” Shadow of Legend server after June 26th at 6:00pm PST (June 27th at 1:00am GMT) to automatically participate in the “GreyRock Leveling-Up Contest.”

2. Contest will end on July 10th at 6:00pm PST (July 11th at 1:00am GMT).

3. The top 25 levelers will receive the rewards mentioned in the “Rewards” section above.

4. Leveler’s character must be at least at level 20 to be eligible for the contest.

5. Levelers can only receive rewards for one of their characters participating in the contest. Character’s accounts will be checked to ensure that the account is credited only once.

6. Please refer to for instructions on how to play the game.

Have fun, and good luck!

– The SOL Team

Project ‘Top Secret’ Announces Finalists

Los Angeles (June 19, 2008) – Acclaim Games is approaching the final stage of the “Project: Top Secret” game design contest.  “Project: Top Secret” is the brainchild of industry superstar David Perry.  In addition to being the biggest video game project ever, it is the first large-scale user-driven game design project in video game history.

One lucky winner will be chosen this month, and we have determined who the finalists are.  One of these people will receive the top prize, and an unprecedented career boost – the Directorship of a game to be published by Acclaim Games and Executive Produced by David Perry.

Picking our finalists for this amazing contest was not easy.  Out of 60,000 people who signed up, there were certainly hundreds of amazing participants, so we have had to work hard to narrow the field.

“Working with these dedicated gamers for nearly a year and a half on this project, I have come to appreciate not only the efforts of literally hundreds of participants out of this huge field, but their range of personalities and individuality,” said Rusel DeMaria, Assistant Director to David Perry.  “In helping to pick these finalists, I kept remembering all their persistence, creativity and passion.  Limiting the list of finalists was very difficult, as there were always more people I wished I could add.”

To honor our designers, we have provided a brief biography of each of the finalists.  Only one of these people will win the grand prize, but we want to acknowledge every one of them for their contributions.

“To be hand chosen from 60,000 means every single one of these people are field tested and proven.  To be honest, we are having a very difficult time pinning this down to just one winner,” says David Perry, the Director of the game.

“Project: Top Secret” will continue, and the team will remain on the project until the game is published.  While the original plan was to have the community design the game, then have a professional team make it, that all changed when the community asked to design AND build the final product.

So we are simultaneously working on the second phase, the actual development of the game itself.  We currently have ten independent development teams working on the related Top Secret development contest hoping to win a prize worth up to a million dollars, a publishing deal, and a professional development contract going forward.

The Top Secret design winner will be announced next week, along with some special announcements.  Stay tuned for more!

To find out more about this exciting project, just visit: or



Contest Finalists

Kim Bartlett (Reyaughi ) just completed her undergraduate studies in Game and Simulation Programming and will be completing a Master’s of Level Design in early 2010 as part of her studies for becoming a game designer.  Kim says she has truly enjoyed being a part of Project Top Secret, where she contributed to several areas of the project in the early stages, but her primary passion was the development of beasts, where she developed concepts for mechanics and created a plethora of concept art.

Robert Brown (Knight1b) is a 27 year old single parent with 2 small daughters, has served on the Top Secret Advisory Board since its creation, and is the producer for Coin shop items. He says, "I’ve learned a lot about how games are made and what a pain they can be sometimes, but I’ve had fun learning."

Adrian Clark (Aclark) is an Australian who describes himself as a "typical I.T. Jack of all trades, who loves to design, play and create games". While acting as producer for Breeding Systems, Guilds, and the Social System, he found the Top Secret experience to be absolutely priceless, a project which seriously opened his eyes to the gaming industry, and introduced him to some of the world’s most talented and amazing people.

Frédéric Corneau (Elkhorno), 31, is an illustrator from Quebec, Canada. Although he left the project months ago, he left behind an amazing catalog of art which has played a central part in the design work for Top Secret, particularly mounts and tracks, and his drive and skill helped fuel the early days of the project.

Flavio Creasso (Creasso), 33, is a 3ds Max Instructor from Brazil who came to Top Secret for the opportunity to showcase his skills to industry insiders and participate in a real game project. His time on the project gave him some solid  game production knowledge, and gave the project some of its most amazing art.

Kris Davidsohn (Brokentrain), 24, works as a Software Engineer, and says, "I’m very much into gaming, and have always wanted to develop them, particularly in the areas of game and systems design". His other hobby, drawing  (mostly comics), led to his Top Secret positions as Co-producer for Concept Art and Art Style/Direction, and  co-producer for Rank Systems.

Bryan Dong (Klyfarthfa) is a programmer who hails from San Mateo, CA. As a member of the Advisory Board since late 2007, he has worked on Items, Items systems, Environmental dynamics, and Crafting systems.

Matthew Edwards (Matt58) is from the UK, where he works as a lead web developer, and, although he’s always been interested in game design as a career, will soon be graduating from university with an Archaeology degree. At the start of the project he contributed a lot of design ideas, was eventually appointed to the Advisory Board, and has used his programming knowledge to work on the more detailed and technical aspects of the design tracks, while also serving as the co-producer for social systems.

Steven Egan (Wordweaver), 22, is a Computer Science major who has worked on Cards, UI, Breeding, Ethnicities, the Wiki, Stats and was one of the leaders in designing the concept of Rankings. Mostly I now have experience dealing with people and a better idea how projects can and should be run.

Robert Florio (Robflorio) is a 26-year-old game design graduate, a quadriplegic mouth artist, and a motivational speaker specializing in game accessibility advocacy. He co-designed Top Secret’s accessible controls and user interface, contributed a good deal of concept art to the project, and feels that Top Secret has helped him take his passion for game design to new heights by giving him the opportunity to gain greater knowledge of the industry as well as how to design a game right.

Joel Haddock (Zargonx), 29, is a website manager and writer from Baltimore, as well as a recent newlywed, having just been married in May. Joel joined Project Top Secret as an opportunity to engage in his passion for game design, and also to take part in an interesting community experiment; as such, he has worn many hats during the course of, with a focus on skill system and character customization designs, and as the project enters the next phases, he looks forward to working even more with the community to bring this dream to fruition.

Christopher Honour (Asurael) lives in Santiago de Chile and is studying for a Business degree, but says videogames are his real passion; "All my life I’ve dreamt about making games for a living, and PTS has given me the chance to do just that, I’ll always be grateful for this experience. I’ve met some cool people, made some good friends and learned more than I thought I could from this." He’s served as the producer for Mounts, and co-producer for Concept Art and Art Style/Direction, and also been a moderator.

Martin Juricek (Mjuricek) is a 30 year old computer scientist, father of three, and an amazing internet ferret. He has managed the development team contestants, created project tracking programs and charts, and recruited needed talent by casting his ferreting skills across the entire internet.

Nikita Logachev (Naereus), 21, is from the UK, holds a BA in Psychology, a PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, and hopes to create a life-altering game. He spent the first months of the project as a moderator and idea pitchman, working on design refinements and task creation assistance, and most recently has been instrumental in refining the track environments. He also provided the initial design for one of the core tracks and feels that Top Secret gave him "a taste of the difficulties in coordinating large-scale teams, and a few insights into the game design creative process".

Yana Malysheva (Yanamal1) is a 24-year-old math/computer geek, originally from Russia who enjoys playing RPGS, making up weird game systems, absorbing information, telling people what to do, and Heelys. She managed her role as Top Secret’s producer for Riders, Professions, Weapons and the Rank system by relying on great organizational skills, good sense, and the Yanabot 3000 (play the game to learn more about that one!).

Michelle Montierth (Tandy), an urban planner and the mother of two college-aged sons, found her job as Co-Director of the Top Secret Advisory board, producer of Tracks/Environments, Towns, World Economy, Game (Race) Modes, Rider Personal Space, a rare and invaluable opportunity to learn how the design process works from start to finish. She also served as Lead moderator, Lead mentor, editor of the design doc, wiki, Joomla site, and credit tracking project.

David Newsome (Slayermon), 32, is and electronics technician and computer specialist from Germany who works part time while looking for a job in the video game industry or stipendium for game design college! He is credited with a number of game design concepts, including the concept behind one of the Daz3d Competition winners, sees himself as someone who thinks outside the box, and feels that this project helped him learn to put personal issues aside to get the best out of an idea. It also increased his desire to get deeper involved in game design.

Rasiel (Rasield) is a college student from the eastern US who hopes to enter the game industry professionally and eventually become a game creator. He has used his wide ranging art skills, traditional and digital, to create numerous concept pieces for several core areas of the game, has served as a mentor, and is the brainchild behind the Community Spotlight feature which showcases a high profile community member in a Q&A dialogue.

Ryan Richards (Ryorev), 26, currently attends Cal State Long Beach as an illustration major with a minor in Graphic Design. He is one of the project’s top mentors, has designed three of the four ethnicities, created numerous beast designs, and has influenced many of the core concepts for the game.

David Slauenwhite (AnjelusX) is a 29-year-old father from Nova Scotia, with a uniquely creative mind, a flair for writing and web design, and a prolific blogger. He’s the producer for Top Secret’s Storyline as well as Music and Sound, a leading moderator with terrific community management skills, and the creator of the Oceanus epic story and track, which will mold the entire flavor of the game.

T Michael Vang (Segua), 25, is a retail associate, a Top Secret community member since April of 2007, and as one of the team’s most dedicated system designers, has been a regular contributor to almost every aspect of the design. He’s also been one of a few dedicated team members willing to help those who just joined the project find a warm welcome, along with helpful info.

Mike Zummo (Doran), 34, is a usability expert and avid gamer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has served as co-director of the Top Secret Advisory Board since its inception in November 2007. Mike presides over many meetings and writes a weekly What’s Going On section and has contributed steadily to the Top Secret design.


The Exchange Market and Special Services now open

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – June 20, 2008 – Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive
announced the launch of the Exchange Market and Special Services for their new massively
multi-player online role-playing game, Rohan: Blood Feud ( These two
features, in addition to the previously-released Item Mall, round out the final components of the
Trading Center.

“The Exchange Market and Special Services together are another addition designed to give
players more freedoms in playing the game,” said Jun Lee, CEO of YNK Interactive. “They
now have even more options to make the game their own, and play how they want to play.”
The unique Exchange Market is a secure trading option for players who wish to buy and sell
items, crones (in-game currency), and even characters, to and from other players. This, in
addition to the Item Mall which launched last week, makes up the components of the Trading
Center. All sales are safe and instantaneous, and items are deposited directly into the buyers’

Transactions are made with Rohan Points (RPs), which can be used to make
purchases not only on the Exchange Market, but the Item Mall as well. Rohan Points can be
obtained two ways:
1. They can be bought directly from YNK Interactive via several international payment
2. They can be earned by selling in-game items through the Exchange Market from player to

With a one-time membership fee of $5.00, users are able to utilize this safe and reliable exchange
service continuously.
The Special Services is another addition, which allows players to modify their character name
and gender.

Also, new item mall items were also added during the Trading Center expansion.

Winners of the ‘Hand In Hand Event’

Three months have passed since the first round of the Hand in Hand event has ended on June 22nd. There have been over 10,000 players, who have participated in the event. Click to see who the top 100 players are.
If you are among the top 100 players, you will be awarded as follows:
Rank Number Prize
No.1-No.3 3 4*2 package DBs
No.4-No.10 7 3*2 package DBs
No.11-No.50 40 2*2 package DBs
No.51-No.100 50 1*2 package DBs
Are you one of these lucky winners? Congratulations! The prizes will be awarded within this week.
There will be more events in the future and we hope you can participate again!

Thanks for your continued support!

Look what just sailed in!

Coming to a harbour near you! This coming week will, we hope, see the launch of boats on the lakes and seas of Wurm.

Like everything else on Wurm, these will be players built – from row boats for a bit of fishing, to enormous caravel that take several players to sail.

These beautiful vessels can also be seen on our compilation trailer on You Tube.

Remember, you can play Wurm for free for as long as you like with a Free to Play account – but to unleash your full skill potential, buy some premium time on our online store.

June 25th Update: ItÂ’s summer time!

Summer is finally here, it’s time to play! Enjoy the brand new contents available as of June 25th !

Summer is a good time to trade and negotiate so please welcome the Merchant class!
The Merchant class uses money to fight and create powerful attacks! He’s a good friend to have in your group when facing epic adventures!

We also add a bunch of new quests for your pleasure!

  • new steps of main quest (Confusion Moves Chapter 1&2)
  • Merchant Transferring quest
  • Sammy’s Love quest
  • Old man’s dogs quest

New items to be added to the shop:

  • Greedy inventory: 5 more slots to increase permanently your inventory. Maximum two greedy bags for each character (10 slots)


  • New  items to change your look with
    • Camouflage soldier costume (uniform, helmet or hat)
    • Large Red Butterfly Ribbon and Aqua Butterfly Ribbon
  • Special goodie bag: Summer, Holidays and Sea in DOMO! The goodie bag contains swimsuits and surfboards. Try your luck and get a cool item !


CARY, NC – JUNE 19, 2008 — Fallen Earth, a post apocalyptic MMOG in development using the Icarus Studios Tools Suite platform, today announced it is has reached the Alpha milestone and is now “feature complete.” 

Over the past six months, the Fallen Earth team has implemented new production processes which has allowed for improved product quality and a streamlined development schedule.   

Colin Dwan, who was promoted from Lead Engineer to Project Manager, said, “Fallen Earth has great technology and tons of content, but we needed to put a stake in the ground about all the features that were absolutely necessary to ship with.  Now that we’ve finalized that long list, we’ve been able to spend all of our time making those features really fun.”

The Fallen Earth Art Department focused on an in-depth upgrading of the game’s overall appearance, improving textures, animations, and enriching the overall “look” of the game.  Human models have been completely revamped, and newly added creatures include giant genetically engineered super soldiers and vicious killer fungi.  Volumetric fog has been added and many towns have been completely rebuilt to take advantage of new building models and ecosystem options. 

The Fallen Earth team has created a variety of new vehicle models from muscle cars to motorcycles to ATVs.  They have also enhanced the vehicle combat system using the same basis as player-based combat so players will be able to attack from their vehicles, be it with pistols from a motorcycle or dual-mounted machine guns from a muscle car.

The core functionality players expect from an MMO, such as raids, clans, auction house, and a mail system, are now up and running in Fallen Earth.  Players can combine their efforts in raids of up to four groups or thirty-two players, allowing them to tackle larger threats and compete more effectively in PvP activities.  Clans allow players to form large social groups with a number of different ranks, each with its own configurable name and permission list.  The auction house system allows players to sell goods to each other with ease, and to search the auction house for items needed for a specific recipe.   The mail system enables players to easily stay in contact and trade goods among themselves through the vigilant efforts the Franklin’s Riders, the postal service within Fallen Earth.

Open Beta of Magic World Online

After 2 months of Closed-Beta testing, the long-expected Open Beta of Magic World Online will finally begin on June 20, 2008. An MMORPG with some of the most fantastic new concepts and original game designs, MWO has already won over hearts of many players during its Closed Beta..

During the official Open Beta, players can experience some very exciting new features in MWO:

  • While having a romantic relationship in game is certainly fun, but it might not be quite enough for some serious committed love birds.  Why not have a beautiful wedding to make the ultimate commitment? In the Open Beta, a new Marriage System will be added to make this possible..
  • An Official Position System will be introduced to allow players gain distinctions by contributing to their countries and fellow citizens. The honor and reputation gained from the Position System are not the sole purpose for players to fight hard, but, they certainly provide  extra encouragement for the players. .
  • There will be a new expanded map named Hero Island for all the brave adventurers to explore.
  • Furthermore, The 12 Evil Zodiac, the most dangerous instance ever in MWO history, will be opened to all players who are ready to face the ultimate challenge.

Other exciting and unique game features include:

  • In Game Video Chat: Communicate with your in-game friends face to face
  • House System: Own a multifunctional house that’ll meet your ever changing needs
  • In Game Robot and Auto Navigation: GPS auto navigation in maps and auto-grinding
  • Massive State War with thousands of players
  • Growing Weapons that will upgrade together with you
  • Raising special mount
  • Infinite weapons and armors
  • Multiple Living Skills
  • Multiple Class Transfers: 16 ultimate classes

The client file of MWO Open Beta is ready for download at Registration will be quick and easy at Both download and registration are absolutely free. All Closed Beta players will only need to update a small patch to be ready for the Open Beta.

A brand new server world will be open on the date of Open Beta for players who wish to have a new beginning.

Join MWO Open Beta,and start your new journey on June 20, 2008.

Tales of Pirates: Challenge the GMs

Challenge the GMs, the Tales of Pirates ( team is gonna give players the chance to prove they are the most powerful pirate in the TOP world. Players will not only obtain some rare precious items but also the honor for their own sever. Players can log onto their official website to sign up and be voted to represent their server to challenge their GM.

Sign-up Duration: From 12:00am June 16th to 12:00am June 19th
Voting Duration: From 12:00am June 16th to 12:00am June 19th
Start Time: 9:00pm on June 22nd (GMT-5)
Event Rewards:
ACE Team: (can be several teams) The winning team can obtain a level 8 superior gem (players have the right to choose one kind). The winners’ servers will also obtain triple exp for 12 hours that weekend.

Other servers can obtain double exp for 12 hours that weekend.

Visit for more information about this event.

Besides, this is the latest video of Demonic World Battles in ToP, people can find it with the URL here: