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Rangda Unveiled in Flyff Version 12

Sunnyvale, California – September 25th, 2008 – Gala-Net Inc. will release the next chapter to Flyff: Fly for Fun this October 7th in its North American market through its game portal. In this new version, known as Version 12 (V.12), a new boss NPC called, Rangda, will be unveiled to players that have been anxiously waiting for this exciting update.

The Rangda is the soul of a cursed witch that lies deep within the forest of Darkon. There are four incarnations of the Rangda: Rangda, Horrible Rangda, Uncanny Rangda, and Dreadful Rangda, and each offer players an opportunity to obtain rare items which are extremely valuable in the world of Madrigal.

Details of the Rangda:
• Challenging Boss NPC: Only mid-to-high level players (at least level 70) should challenge Rangda.
• Special Item Drops: Rangda will drop special items and appear in various places on the map.
• Higher Tier Weapon Drops: Each Rangda drops unique weapons that are from the tier of items above her level (Ex: Lv 70 Rangda drops Lv 80 weapons).
• Rage: Her HP recovery and attack power will increase when its HP is low.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO announced

Multiverse has announced plans to release an MMO based on tip-top TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The announcement was made by movie producer Jon Landau at the VirtualWorlds conference. “The resources are in place to develop a great MMOG,” he said.

Apparently the game will launch from ‘Multiverse Places’, a new social networking environment. In a statement, Multiverse said the Buffy MMO will be playable “either as a fully immersive 3D environment or as a Flash-based 2D game, where both types of players can interact”. Which isn’t confusing at all.

“As a brilliant storyteller and world-maker, Joss Whedon crafts stories that expand perfectly into the new medium of virtual worlds,” said Multiverse’s Corey Bridges.

“Not to give away too much, but when the Buffy team finished the television series, they created the perfect launching point for an MMOG where everyone will feel like they’re an important character in the ongoing story.”

A paragraph slipped in towards the end of the statement quietly reveals that another MMO based on a Joss Whedon creation might not be happening after all. “Fox’s plans for the development of the previously announced Firefly MMOG have been delayed,” apparently.

At least there’s the Buffy MMO to look forward to. There’s no word on a release date yet, but Multiverse did say the game will go into beta testing “later this year”.

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Freaky Creatures

Freaky Creatures is an upcoming MMO game on a reusable USB flash drive that is bundled with collectable action figures. Players take their action figures online and build their own ultimate, customizable creature and battle against friends. The variety of parts and powers will allow players to create more than three billion visual combinations. Players can socialize and interact with the Freaky Creatures universe by building their own teams, posting leader boards and stats, and by playing mini-games. Sign up for the Beta now!

Freaky Creatures starter packs will include two collectable action figures, a 1GB reusable flash drive that contains the Freaky Creatures game files as well as 50 different parts and 20 powers for the creature, and four objects that can be placed into the creature’s lair. The starter packs will be available in early 2009 for $19.99.

Tales of Pirates: Ver2.0 New Map Preview

Tales of Pirates is now preparing version 2.0, which will bring fresh experiences to its players. This includes new stories, maps, mobs, quests and systems. Today we’ll have a preview of the new maps on Winter Island.

New Winter Island is the next island in the chain of seasonal islands. Along with Spring, Summer, and Autumn Island. It is the island of dreams for players Level 90+ to improve themselves. They will have new monsters to challenge and many more quests to do. It contains 5 small islands:

1. Crescent Island: The 1st map on Winter Island has the largest supplies and all kinds of NPCs, as well as Level 90-96 monsters and a Level 96 BOSS Turtle in the training areas. If players want to access this place they must be Level 90+, then bring up the transport function at the Autumn Island NPC.

2. Snow Ville Island and Snow Cara Island: Named after Njorth Ville and Goddess Cara, this desolate snowbound region has Level 97-103 monsters, each of the islands also has an elite BOSS Leopard, which are harder for players to defeat.

3. Winter Lake Island: Where Njorth Ville lived after he returned, and scattered with a considerable number of Level 90-96 monsters, it’s a good place for quick leveling. The BOSS on this island is the Stone Dragon.

4. Iceberg Island: The largest island of the Winter Island chain, it has Level 104-106 monsters, and is fit for Level 100+ players to train. You have to bring up the transport function to access through a quest. The monsters on this island are more powerful than the other islands. We advise players Level 100+ to team up before entering.

All the monsters on these islands have the chance to drop level 85+ weapons and equipment, and also the level 95 equipment box as well.

Angels Online: Equipment Update Notes in Atlantis

The Angels Online team is very happy to introduce the new equipment in the new expansion Atlantis for all players.

In the new expansion, players can obtain superior equipment through many different ways. More than that, they can enhance their weapons with the help of the Gleaming Weapon system.All new weapons and new equipment are relative to the 14 professions in game.

For example, a complete Fane set can help players increase their DEF by 500. It is very attractive to players who would like to be the Main Tank in battle. In addition, the Level 100 Superior Shield, Seagod’s Eye, and others will help players increase their HP a lot while also offering them considerable DEF bonuses.

More than that, the Bowman can wield a superior Letin Storm set to become even more helpful in group play.

The Heroic ServerÂ… An extreme DOFUS experience!

Roubaix, France – 23 September 2008 – Both beginner and experienced players will find in this brand new game mode a challenge that matches their expectations.

Ankama’s teams have been working on the development of the Heroic Server these past months to perfect the game’s mechanisms and to offer players a stable in-game system of disconnection/reconnection for a better gaming experience.

In order to make the experience even more exciting, the Heroic Server also brings in new game rules! The main change is the introduction of permanent death for all characters. A new rule which is launched for the first time in online role-playing game history! This server is unique and will enable players from all over the world to play in the world of DOFUS.

Whether players are taking on a monster or other players, they just cannot lose. In case of death, the opponent can take the victim’s items. Besides, each character will have the privilege of resting in peace in the Cemetery of Heroes – which is a worldwide ranking, updated every 24hrs and can be consulted on a dedicated web space!

The game rules have been adapted to this exclusive server. On the Heroic Server, skills level up a lot quicker which means more experience at the end of a fight or when a quest is completed. Profession experience is also gained a lot more quickly. In general, leveling up is much faster.

However, players will have to be extremely careful in their tactics since their character’s life is at stake at each blow! They will have to reinforce their guild strategy and communication if they want to survive!

The Heroic Server will open on 23 September 2008 and Ankama would like to take this opportunity to welcome its first courageous subscribers!

Masters of Belial Released!!

Masters of Belial is an Action Strategy Online RPG that takes place in an ancient world that is controlled by spirits that call themselves Angels.
In a time where the dominion of Angels has spread all over the lands, a group of gypsy heretics under the guidance of the elder goetia daemons travel through the mountains of Kur to enter the demonic realms and break free the daemonic legions to help battle their old foe and restore balance in the world.

Masters of Belial is a free to play game and focuses on PvP combat mixed with dungeon crawling. Players pick a hero of their liking and embark on a quest for power to help their team win the war.

Nox Arcana, the masters of dark fantasy will be providing the game’s soundtrack.

Masters of Belial

Masters of Belial is a 3D Action strategy online role playing game that takes place in ancient earth. Long ago an ancient race of beings that called themselves Angels begun masquerading as sentient beings and through the manipulation of powerful kings they establish a system of control on the planet. After thousands of years of dominion a group of gypsy heretics discovered the true evil that has plagued this world and decided to put an end to it.

Players pick a hero of their desire and slowly build up in power in their quest for power and domination. Each map is carefully designed to offer a mixture of strategic PvP combat along with good old dungeon crawling. It is a fairly fast paced game without being too fast that gives you as much control as possible to affect the outcome of every battle, rewarding players that put skill and effort in their play-style.

Myth War II: Attribute Modifier Secrets – Mage

Today Myth War Online team is going to tell you teach you the techniques that are most effective in modifying the Mage’s attribute stats.Hope this will help you quick switch from a rookie to a gaming expert when playing MW2.

About Mages
Mages focus their mind on discovering the ultimate magical power. They have powerfully destructive spell attacks but relatively low stamina and weak defensive power. They are the lead strikers on the team. The destruction wrought by their powerful spells fills the void for their miserable performance in brutal physical attack. Therefore, mages wielding staffs and casting black spells are always admired and sought after teammates in Myth War II.

Mages specialize in a variety of magical skills. The smart way for mages to modify their attributes and stats is to stay MP oriented and make sure you have a high enough skill level to optimize the spells attack. But you may be concerned about how mages survive due to their awful HP levels. This brings up a question about how to modify their attributes in a reasonable way.

Skills they learn
Dark: Hits enemies with dark spell damage.
Flash: Hits enemies with flash spell damage.
Death: Causes enemies to die within several rounds (not available for monster NPCs)
Fire: Hits enemies with fire spell damage. It is a skill possessed only by male mage characters. Players love its formidable spell force.
Ice: Hits enemies with ice spell damage. It is a skill possessed only by female mage characters.

Attributes Modifier Secrets:
INT Mage: Naturally, mages have high INT bonus. Raising your mage characters’ INT will make them able to cast many more spells, causing great amounts of damage. But considering most mage’s survival ability, we recommend you raise your characters’ STA a little bit to avoid being killed in very quickly. In fact, 2 mages in one team makes for a withering blast of magic, and challenging them with low HP is the kiss of death. Mages could kill anyone in one round with the right spell.

AGI Mage: AGI mages are recommended to have high AGI stats and enough INT stats. They are helpful in combat if they are familiar with preemptive strategies and know what team spirit is. Power leveling an AGI mage character may reinforce their spell attacks. AGI mages lead with their high movement speed.

STA Mage: Working out a STA mage means keeping STA stats high and with enough INT stats to keep MP up. STA mages are good PK terminators with impressive survival abilities and shocking spell attack performance. They may win all PK combat if they don’t meet an AGI Borg. Nobody can resist an attack from STA mages and AGI borgs.

Mages pride themselves on their high INT stats and awesome spell attack power. They are good at casting spells and are the natural enemies of the logical, practical borgs.