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Tales of Pirates: Addition of the Honorary Treasure Chest

It’s the pirates’ code of honor and glory for protecting the guild in bloody battle. In accordance with this code, Tales of Pirates has designed the “Honorary Treasure Chest” to reward the bravest warriors who’ve proved themselves over and over again in battle. Members of the winning guild will receive this precious prize as well as the honor owed to true pirates.

Precious items in Treasure Chest

The Honorary Treasure Chest in Tales of Pirates is a symbol for a lord. Included in the chest, players will have chance to obtain one of the following precious items, Sturgeon Soup, the Chaos Bonus Book, the Black Dragon summon scroll or 300,000 Gold.

The Sturgeon Soup can be used to restore 1600HP and increase 3 PhyResist in 8 minutes. The Chaos Bonus Book can be used to increase Chaos by 10 points. The Black Dragon summon scroll can be used to summon the ultimate Black Dragon BOSS which grants tons of EXP after it is defeated.

After the addition of the Honorary Treasure Chest content into the new version, we believe Tales of Pirates will be much more challenging and attractive! If you haven’t joined a guild yet, choose one quickly and experience the excitement of Guild Wars in TOP. Go forward to the Mystic Garden!

Myth War II: Tips for Being a Millionaire

As players continue to play Myth War II, one of the most common questions is how to get fast money. Today the folks behind MW2 are going to teach everyone how to make some easy money.

Fast Money Wins 1: 100-ring Integral Quest

Players can receive this quest from Duan at Demon Square and will earn 100 Integrals worth about 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 game gold every time they save NPCs in trouble.
Players stand a high chance of getting Dragon Stones that can be sold to an NPC for 630,000 game gold or to other players without set prices. If they are lucky and meet someone who is rich and generous, they could make up to 2,000,000 game gold. This quest is easy to handle and suitable for players Level 30+. Here are some tips and tricks to remember when questing:

  1. Keep track of the location entry on your teleport scrolls.
  2. Find your own rhythm while questing.

Fast Money Wins 2: Combat Thieves and win Integrals

It will be a lot easier for players if they follow the rules set for this quest. Go to the bar in Woodlingor to receive the quest and fight the Thief, Thief Boss and Girl Thief to win Integrals. These guys are not high maintenance and players should be able to take them down without much effort. Complete the quest in solo or party and get some pet eggs. The quest is designed in a turn based system. More integrals will be scored in the first 10 rounds. That’s means players may win a lot of game gold during these 10 rounds.

Aurora Blade: Newbie Guide

In order to help newbie players smoothly play the game, the Aurora Blade team is giving a brief newbie guide for all players.

1. After entering the game and creating a character, you can work hard to level up by accepting main quests. Pay attention! You can accept mission quests from the NPC Harbor Supervisor in the Center Square of Aurora Seaport. You also still have a chance to obtain a Mushroom, containing a Good Fellow Card or any blue stat equipment.

2. Even though you’ve joined a team, you may be unable to obtain any exp if you don’t join in any battles. Only by attacking monsters can you obtain the really great amounts of exp. Also, make sure you join teams that are near the same level as you. If the level gap between you and your teammates is too much then you may not even earn any exp.

3. Elite monsters are aggressive and powerful. Don’t even think about bothering an elite monster when your level is close to theirs, its much safer to wait until you have an overwhelming advantage. Organize a team with 5 teammates, including at least 1 priest who has learnt Healing and Revival skills. What’s more, all teammates must work together. Elite monsters haven’t earned their status as “Elite” because they’re pushovers.

4. Once you’ve taken down some Elite monsters and feel ready for the next challenge, you’ll find BOSSes waiting for you. These ultra powerful monsters have fought their way to the top of the food chain and won’t give up their spot without a fight. Fighting these cunning creatures requires close cooperation among teammates. Players must always watch their steps and understand their role in the group strategy. You groups Priest may be occupied with healing someone else, or the BOSS may have turned his full attention on squashing you. Tactics and strategy can be the deciding factors here, so make sure you’re ready before you dive right in.

5. Stat point distribution, equipment refining and enchanting all directly affect a character’s abilities. Obtaining top equipment can be difficult, but it is one of the easiest ways to increase stats exactly where you need them.

6. All Level 15+ players can PK in Aurora Blade. However, you can’t maliciously attack other players on purpose. If you kill 3+ players, you will be put into prison after death.

7. After you obtain certain blueprints from monsters, you can buy materials from the Forging Master in the Equipment Shop and then forge whatever you like!

8. If you don’t like completing quests to level up, you can still choose to kill monsters. It is better for you to defeat Little Sea Horses, Conches, and Sea Urchins when you Level 10. You can then obtain some White Coral and make certain Stewed Seafood with the help of Boss Phoebe. When you are Level 12-13, go defeat Wild Rabbits and get some carrots and meat. When you are Level 14-15, it is better to defeat Hell Mages to obtain some money or cloth. If you want to obtain some apples and meat, go defeat the Leopard Cats when you are Level 17-18.

Exteel Review: Customize Your Mech

By Gabriele Giorgi, Onrpg writer

There was a time when cartoons showed giant robots defending Earth from invaders: they called their powers out loud, had infinite ammo and were one of a kind. Then came Gundam: serial product, limited energy, numbered ammo. A new generation of robots was born: mechanical warriors, or, in a word, mechs. With Exteel, NCSoft gives us the chance to pilot one of these steel giants and battle other robots in classic scenarios like deathmatch or capture the flag. Will you be up to the challenge?

So you want to be a pilot…

The first time you load the game, an exhaustive tutorial will teach you everything you need to know in order to move around and fight with your mech. The controls are really simple and effective, and you will master them in no time. Aside from usual WASD movement (with the addition of double pressing or using shift for a boost – for a limited time) and spacebar to jump, you will use the mouse to view around, while both buttons are needed to shoot, since each one of them controls the weapon of one of the arms. This is particularly important in the game, since after a short while, your weapons will overheat, forcing you to stop firing or to switch them to the other set you carry (with the R key). Lastly, numbers from 1 to 5 are used to activate skills you might want to buy.

After explaining how to move, the tutorial will cover the different kinds of weapons. Submachine guns and rifles are for ranged combat, but you might also go melee and use a blade with a shield to block incoming bullets and blows; you might also opt for a cannon, slow but able to deliver a great amount of damage in a small area. And the good thing is that you can combine these weapons any way you want.

Now that you have learned the basics, with just one hand on the keyboard and the other on your mouse, you are ready to lead your mech into battle as a real pilot.

Let the battle begin

In Exteel, you are connected to a network of players and you can fight against them or at their side.

There are five available scenarios, competitive or cooperative, or a mixture of both.

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are pretty self-explanatory: one versus all or team versus team.

Territory Control and Capture the Flag are team versus team scenarios where you have to occupy enemy markers or take the flag from your opponent’s territory and bring it to your own.

Last Stand is the only PvE scenario in Exteel, a pretty repetitive setting where you and your team-mates have to prevent an army of enemy mechs from occupying sensitive areas in your base as they assault it wave after wave.

As usual in this type of network, you can choose the game you want to join, but you have also a useful “Quick Join” button that will launch you directly into an open match in progress. Of course you can also create a game of your choice (selecting map, duration, etc.) and start it as soon as other players join. There’s even a funny option allowing you to play with Super Deformed robots!

Maps are visually appealing and full of details, including billboards advertising other NCSoft games. On the other hand, they are quite simple: there are no real places to hide, and the players will keep on clashing in a fast-paced fray. While this is undoubtedly good for an action game like that, it has some drawbacks, like the lack of a real strategy (you will always end up attacking with ranged weapons and switching to blade when closing in) or of the sniper role.

So your best bet is to charge headfirst and try to take down as many opponents as you can before they might do the same to you. The more times you die, they longer it will take to respawn… and it’s all wasted time, of course. You will also need to be moving all the time (even in unpredictable patterns and jumping) to avoid getting “locked” and hit by opponents.

At the end of the appointed time, a result screen will appear, and you will be awarded experience points and credits, based on your performance.

As usual in these action games, you will need a good ping rate (the lower the better), otherwise you might see opponents vanishing into thin air and popping up a short distance away. Anyway, these issues are quite rare, and usually do not hamper the gaming experience.

Make your own mech

One of the most interesting features of Exteel as you advance in level is the possibility to have different robots: you can purchase a pre-assembled mech or you might try a bit of DIY, buying components and assembling them to match your fighting style (quickness, manoeuvrability, sturdiness) and, why not, to appeal to your eye.

Mech parts can be acquired with credits or NCcoins (currency you can buy from NCSoft: a common practice for Free-to-Play games); some of them will cost less, but will only last for a limited time. The permanent parts have no expiration date, but they will be damaged during battles and will need to be repaired (or replaced).

You can use any combination of parts as you see fit, and you can also buy paint to really differentiate your mech from the others. When you get a certain colour, it will be added to your palette for unlimited use.

Other useful perks are skills. Again, they come with a time limit, but they can be really helpful during battles, and even fun to watch, since they trigger an animation when you activate them. Some are also linked to a particular weapon combination, like for example dual-wield blades, blade and gun, blade and shield and so on: all the possibilities are covered.

And let’s not forget about yourself… well, the pilot: advancing in rank, you receive points to spend on abilities that will enhance speed, sensor reading, marksmanship, etc.

So, what else? Well, just give a cool name to your mech and go out there to fight. And don’t forget the social side: there is a friend list you can build up, and you can also join a clan or even start a new one.


Exteel won’t certainly be the game of your life, but it can be a most welcome break from any other MMORPG you are playing. If you haven’t got much time to spend online, just load Exteel and enter a match: you will be up for a nice session of fast-paced action… and after all it’s free, so you can get back to it whenever you feel like it.

– game controls effective and easy to master
– fast-paced action in quick scenarios
– build and paint your mech according to your liking

– maps are quite small and simple
– no real strategy is used during battles
– PvP only (there is just one PvE scenario and it’s not very appealing)

AdventureQuest Worlds Interview: The New Flash MMO

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer
Answered by Adam Bohn, founder anda CEO of Artix Entertainment

Onrpg was glad to have interviewed Adam Bohn, founder and CEO of Artix Entertainment (“better known as Artix Krieger, the pun spewing, undead slaying, lactose intolerant, wasabi loving Paladin”). This interview focuses on their newest release, AdventureQuest Worlds. You will learn about what updates are to come in the game, the benefits of paying to play or remaining a free account player, and so much more. You will even discover their inspiration in the creation of the game: “One of the players on the forums said flat out, “There is no way AE can make a MMO. It is not possible in flash.” Followed by a giant string of people agreeing.” said Adam Bohn. Boy, were they wrong! We at Onrpg humbly congratulate them on their first multiplayer release!


Onrpg: What makes AdventureQuest Worlds so unique?

Bohn:First, thank you so much for taking the time to interview us about our first massively multiplayer game! How is it unique? Well, many of our players might point out that we are the first MMO they played where you do not start off by killing rats. Actually, you protect and save them! We jump you straight into the action… so the first boss monster of our upcoming main storyline is a full fledged Dragon.

You will not have any loot fights over the rare treasure it drops because our game secretly groups everyone who battles a monster and gives you and everyone else the reward. If you get a really awesome looking sword, staff, dagger, or other weapon that you really like… you do not have to ditch it for a shoddy weapon with better stats. Instead you can visit an enhancement shop and level your existing weapon up! This way you can keep your favorite items with you all the way to the max level.

A lot of players also love that you can do everything on one character – including switching your class on the fly. You pick a starting class when you create your character and can quickly start collecting more classes like Ninja, Pirate, Berserker, and Paladin as you level up and beat special quests. We add new things to the game and hold special events all the time and the players on the forums determine what we focus on and many times what we make!

The top thing that makes our game stand out is that it is a real-time, animated RPG that plays right in your web browser. There is nothing to download or install. So you can open any web browser, anywhere in the world, and play your character on our newest adventure!


Onrpg: What kind of feedback have you received during your test phases of the game? What effect has this had on the current release of the game?

Bohn: Our game creation style is completely driven by player input. The entire team reads the forums and continually makes changes to the game based on the suggestions and feedback of our online community. It can be challenging – because the players SEVERELY OUTNUMBER US! We love what we do and there is no greater happiness than seeing a forum thread full of “Thank You!” or encouraging “Great job!” posts.

The players who contributed in the alpha phase were amazing. We had so many bugs that we should have titled the game ‘ant farm’. We will never forget the week Captain Rhubarb accidentally renamed everyone in the game to… Captain Rhubarb. This was so early on in development that we were not even keeping backups of the database yet. 10,000 accounts were lost but when we all remade our accounts we all got a commemorative ‘My name is Captain Rhubarb’ name tag. Next year we will be celebrating it in game as a major holiday.


Onrpg: New events, quests, and upgrades are released almost daily in AQ Worlds. What recent additions have made their way into the game?

Bohn: My favorite release so far has been the Dragon’s Lair. It is full of half-dragon warriors and wyverns which guard the path to a giant Red Dragon named Vasalkar. He is a tough fight but if you get a few friends and bring him down there are dozens of rare item drops in there! Especially the HUGE swords the half-dragon warriors are wielding. You will find that most of the monsters in the game have a pretty good chance to drop the exact weapon they are wielding. So if you see a monster with something you like…

Recently we added an area called the Crash Site. A UFO crashed there… or so it seems, and a group of steampunk Dwakel (dwarf sized lizardmen) are trying to fix up the crashed flying ship. Guarding it are powerful mecha-like suits of armor… and yes, of course you can get your hands on one. We added the ability for monsters to aggro with this release and even put a trip wire on the boss scene which triggered a full, all out boss fight. Releasing in October was insane for us… because we had three back to back holidays. We built the players an entire haunted house zone filled with chainsaw wielding mad men, ghosts and many rare costumes. Then for Thanksgiving we introduced Grandmaster Lunchlady Oishii who needed your help creating the most dangerous meal ever prepared… the Turdraken (Turkey with a Drake in it with a Chicken in it… A spoof of the real life Turducken) We tested our first cutscenes in the game here. In one the Turdraken grew huge and you got to go inside and blow it up with a Butterbomb Turkey. It was also the first time we allowed players to cook (Oh noes, you failed boiling water!) and tried making a dynamic NPC who went from crying to cheering as you completed the quests.

Right now, we are preparing to launch our special Winter Holiday event. We built a complete reconstruction of the town of Frostvale from DragonFable. There are three questing areas, a PvP Snowball hurling area (it is just for fun… we do not actually let you kill the other players with snow balls… this year) and a ton of prizes including the giant bag of gifts that are waiting under the tree in town for you. The gifts have obvious shapes (Weapon, Armor, Hat, Pet) and you can wear them until they magically open on New Year’s Eve at midnight.


Onrpg: Could you please offer some information on some of the new classes in the game?

Bohn: Certainly! I think it is important to first note that you can change your class at any time in AdventureQuest Worlds. You can start as a Warrior, Mage, Rogue or Healer when you first create your character. You will start ranking up and unlocking skills as you battle monsters. But you can go into town and find people to teach you how to be additional classes including Ninja, Pirate, Berserker and tons of new ones as we add in our ongoing releases. Some classes have prerequisites. For example you must obtain the highest rank of both Warrior and Healer before Paladin unlocks. Once you have a new class you can click on your “armors tab” in your inventory and switch back and forth. So if the group needs a healer… no problem! We give all players space to store 10 different classes.

Because it is the holidays we have been releasing a lot of “for fun” holiday classes. The skillset for the Santa armor is pretty severe though. Our newest serious classes include the ProtoSartorium class. It is steam-powered robotic suit of armor with high-tech abilities like Plasma Bolt and the protective Event Horizon, which completely absorbs damage for 12 seconds. Soon we will be releasing DragonSlayer which is a specialized class with incredible bonuses against dragons and dragonkind.


Onrpg: How does combat function in the game currently?

Bohn: Even though we made a browser game, AQWorlds is a real MMO! Our combat is real time, fully animated and cooperative. It is Click once to target a monster, then choose a skill (hurl a fireball!) or simply click it again to charge it! Each class has up to 7 unlockable skills to aid you and your friends in combat. Everyone who participates in the battle gets full experience, gold and rep for defeating it. The monsters in the game are pretty dumb now, but we are working on coding monsters to think differently. Boss monster fights next year are going to be so intense because we can literally do… anything.


Onrpg: Could you please tell us about the various zones in the game?

Bohn: Your adventure starts in the town of Battleon. It is a completely re-imagined version of the starting town of our first game. The capital city of Swordhaven is currently under attack by an army of the undead. In the main storyline you will be able to choose between being good or evil… and change your mind through a special, repeatable, quest. Swordhaven will be the city for good players and the ruins of Shadowfall (formerly a flying castle built on the back of the largest reanimated skeleton to ever exist). There are tons of small places to go in the game now including the pirate port, dragon’s lair, the graveyard, the Horc battle fortress (Horcs are half orc… half… um… something), and a dozen other locations accessable via your map. A little bit of a spoiler – there will be 13 major zones each with a main villain that you will work towards defeating. We are calling each zone a chapter. Once all of the villains are defeated you will be able to battle the ultimate boss and actually beat the first “book” of the game.


Onrpg: What inspired you to finally create a multiplayer game?

Bohn: If you can keep this just between you… and your gazillion readers, I would love to tell you the true story.

Our original goal was to continue creating single player flash games with elements that let the players work together towards common goals (like we do in Wars.) But the team and I have two HUGE weaknesses. One, we love to play with different technology just to see what we can do. Second… and more to the point… one of the players on the forums said flat out, “There is no way AE can make a MMO. It is not possible in flash.” Followed by a giant string of people agreeing.

There is something about being told that you cannot do something that really… really… really… really makes you want to do it. You could argue a gazillion reasons why we made AdventureQuest Worlds. But the truth is… it was because we were told by the players, other companies, and in many times long the way, our own team, that we could not do it. I believe that we (and everyone else, especially you) are capable of doing anything. So we decided to do it!

With only Minimal and Zhoom doing the coding we completed and released AdventureQuest Worlds in only 8 months. That includes the complete rewrite of the game from Actionscript 2.0 to 3.0 in February. It is the fastest growing and evolving game project we have ever worked on. In the two months we have been live 2.2 million free accounts have been created. Each week we have released… at minimum.. a mini-zone, new monsters, new items and some new functionality. We did not intend to do weekly releases yet – but everyone just loves working on the game so much that we cannot stop. We have been releasing lots of cool new things and rares now… but next year… well, no one is going to believe it until they see it!


Onrpg: How strong is the customization value of the game? How can players be unique?

Bohn: The characters are highly customizable. Currently you customize gender, hair style, hair and eye color. There are a number of armors and “Morphs” that change your over all appearance. Morphs include things that give you the appearance of monsters or something so outrageous that it is not really an armor. Your weapon, helm, cape (or wings, backpack, etc) and pet are customizable too. You can get item designs from shops, monsters, or quests and take them to shops to forge them into usable items. The players really like all of the weird holiday items that we have been releasing. The game engine is really flexible so we can add new items on the fly. We are continuously surprised by how creatively the players are mixing and matching items. There are currently over 700 items with unique art in the game and growing rapidly. We classify them as common, rare, seasonal rare, and “ultra mega never going to be seen again so if you do not get it RIGHT now you lost your chance rare.” Next we will be adding color customizable armors and eventually houses/castles which you can expand and decorate.


Onrpg: Is the game still full of content for a non-paying member? Is it worth to play if you cannot pay for a membership?

Bohn: Most of the game’s areas and items are available to free players. We want everyone to play and enjoy the game. The main reasons to upgrade are to keep us online and expanding, get full access to chat, access to the coolest looking items and a special private server that has less chance for lag.


Onrpg: What are some of your plans for future updates?

Bohn: Right now we are launching our special holiday events. But I would love to tell you about the main storyline that is preparing to unfold. We are scripting and animating an epic cinematic intro which will pull you into our world’s main conflict. Two of our well known and popular characters will fall during the battle… and the unthinkable will happen. You will have to choose to join the good or evil sides and quest to save the world alongside your existing friends and many new ones you will meet along the way.

To support this storyline we are working on improving the functionality that will let us run live events. Battling monsters will only be a part of the game as we add in many interactive objects, giving you new fun ways to play the game. Basically, different types of minigames which will quickly rank up special armors (Examples: Fishing, Moglin Punting, Playing in a Rock Band)…It is an anything-goes fantasy world. It is going to be a blast!

Thank you again for talking to us about AdventureQuest Worlds. We hope your readers will join us as we build the most chaotic game on the web!

Chaos Online Review: Easy Play, Good Community

by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Chaos online is a recently published MMORPG by Ingle Games Ltd. The closed beta has begun on the 13th of December, 2008. You can get your very own beta key here at Onrpg! Recent data gathered has determined that the previous testing phase was not warmly welcomed. Rest assured, there have been many improvements since then, the main improvement being the exp rates. Currently, levelling up is not anywhere near an issue, and thus the community regulars are already at quite a high level. It actually only took me a few minutes to reach level 10. Ingle Games has actually done a great job so far in refining this title, but I am afraid the actual gameplay was just not made for a gamer like me. This review will surely give you readers a second opinion on the game itself so you will be able to make the decision whether it is truly worth playing or not.

General Gameplay

If I was allowed to describe the gameplay in three words, I would say: With Your Destiny. The gameplay, in my opinion, was pretty much identical to that of WYD (With Your Destiny). The various systems were quite cookie-cutter styled, and there was no special value to the questing and monster slaying. It seemed like I was only watching my character run around and kill things on its own. There was no uniqueness to the style of the game, though there were some interesting innovations to this average gameplay style such as the mouth growth system (the name speaks for itself), and the cosmos energy system, in which you can merge items to create special skill books that are extra powerful in comparison with the regular skill trees.

The in-game bot program is very elaborate and has every function a hacker wishes his bot to have, except it is allowed within the game. Wonderful. This basically means that half of the players you will meet will actually be AFK. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer actually interacting with others in a multiplayer game (we are all different!). Despite this irking fact, the community is actually very tight-knit and helpful. There is a special “Race Chat” channel for everyone within your race to converse in, and everyone helps each other out there. It was the best place to find actual online players to speak to. I would have most likely been severely disappointed if this channel was not present in the game. Although, if you are unlike me and actually do enjoy in-game bots, this one was very well developed, and you will reach a powerful level in no time at all if you never exit the game.

For you customisation freaks out there, I am sorry to say that this game has little to no customization to offer. Even the classes are gender based. That means if you wish to be a magician or archer, you’re going to have to play as a female character, and if you wish to play as a warrior, you’ll have to play a male character. Though, since everyone looks like a clone in the game, you should not worry too much about this fact. The one upside to this is the fact you at least have two races to choose from, with a possibility of a third one in the future as is hinted by the extra class select slot.

As previously mentioned, the game’s rates have sky-rocketed since the previous testing phase. Without any difficulty, I was able to reach a decent level with some mediocre equipment that was all gathered by monster drops. This game is definitely aimed at casual gamers, but I’ve encountered some pretty serious gamers as well. The race wars are very large-scaled, and I assume that is what a hardcore gamer in this game would aim for winning.

Graphics and Sound

Not much can be said for the graphics or the sound in this game. They did in no way stand out in comparison with the average free to play MMORPG. I will admit that the skills are amazingly flashy though. They really make the rest of the graphics look mediocre. I did not find any point of interest in the graphics, as they reminded my right there of a mix in between WYD, and Phoenix Destiny. They were even less appealing than the latter. This was not a bother to me though, as I do not mind lower-end graphics as long as the gameplay is alright. The sound was obnoxious most of the time, and the skill sounds were extremely repetitive, so I just muted the game and played my own music.

Personal Recommendation

First of all, I will state that I did not hate this game. I know I have focused more on the bad aspects of the game rather than the good ones, though I felt it was necessary as the game is very generic. I did enjoy the cosmos system, and I was really impressed by the customer support and the publishing company in general. Their forum is very well kept, and their events are unique and very creative. Their current event involves MSN messenger. I also enjoyed the fact that the learning curve to this game is inexistent. I knew what to do right away ?I suppose that is the one good outcome of the fact that this game is very similar to other ones, and I loved their race chat system as well as the community. However, the graphics and sound were below average, the in-game bot is just too extensive and is (obviously) overused, there is a need for more customization, and the game needs more points of interest, to keep it going. If you enjoyed the previously mentioned similar titles (WYD, Phoenix Dynasty), I strongly suggest you try this game out. The publishers are great, and you will not be disappointed. It is also a great game to tackle if you are a strictly casual gamer, as you will be able to train while you are not at the computer. Happy gaming!

Angels Online: Holy Battlefield in New Expansion

As one of three PVP systems in Angels Online, the Holy Battlefield, from the newest expansion, offers players even more PK fun. Players can PK freely here and capture materials just like in the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle systems. Today, the Angels Online team is talking about Holy Battlefield in m ore detail.

When the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis” was released, Holy Battlefield became available to all players. Different from the Totem Battle, it is held on an appointed map and all participants are randomly divided into two groups. That means players from different factions can fight shoulder to shoulder. Not only guilds but also newbie players who haven’t joined any guild can take part in this event. The Angels Online team will be holding the Holy Battlefield four times each week.

During the 15 minutes before the event starts, players must go find the NPC Battle Angel in the four cities and then be teleported to the Sign-up Office. They can sign up to take part in the event from the Holy Battlefield Clerk. The Clerk will randomly divide all participants into the two armies and teleport them to their relative Rebirth Preparation Area.

About the Battle
The system announcement will announce the start of battle. Players from different armies can then freely PK. Remember, it is better for players to make a complete battle plan while they are enjoying the PK. Only the army who captures the most crystals can win the battle.

About Points
1. Kill an enemy: Each player can earn points by killing enemies.

2. Destroy a City Gate: City Gates are the main fortification on the battlefield. Players should work together to destroy the opponent army’s City Gates and earn the corresponding points.

3. Destroy a Statue: Each army possesses 25 Statues. If these statues can be destroyed, then there are a lot of points to be earned.

Also, in order to earn more points, production players can increase their army’s defense by building City Gates and Statues. Crystals will be captured if these defensive structures are destroyed. So each production player in the battlefield should try collecting materials and building defensive structures. The Holy Battlefield means fun for everyone!

In Holy Battlefield, players from the winning army can obtain abundant exp as reward. Don’t worry! Players can still obtain exp according to their point totals, even if they are not a winner.

Wonderland Online: New Items in New Version IV

The new item in Wonderland Online this time is the Transfer Mirror!! If players want to change classes freely, they can have a try.

Transfer Mirror
Are you tired of your current class? Do you want to try another character? If you get a Transfer Mirror you can make a quick transfer from among the different classes. Players can be a strong warrior in the day while casting arcane sorcery by night. How cool is that!

The Transfer Mirror is an item which allows the transferred players to choose the class again. If their STR>INT, they can choose one of these classes – Warrior, Killer or Knight. However, if their STR

Voyage Century: Merchant Alliances

The new version of Voyage Century will be released soon. Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk to you about Merchant Alliances in the game.

The Merchant Alliance is an organization that is composed of those players who want to seek the maximum benefits of occupying some important cities. It is made up of a guild or several guilds and even some players that don’t belong to any guilds. In the world of Voyage Century there are 5 Merchant Alliances – Nederland Merchant Alliance, West Mediterranean Merchant Alliance, Iberian Merchant Alliance, Islandi Merchant, and English Channel Merchant.

In the new version, players need to choose a merchant alliance to join, otherwise players will be forced to join a relatively weak merchant alliance. Each merchant alliance is supposed to weaken the power of other merchant alliances in order to gain more benefits for themselves. However, a merchant also needs to learn how to compromise and cooperate with each merchant, after all you can’t fight everyone all the time. This feature really makes the battles more tense.

In addition, the merchant alliance offers players a chance to fight as a group. Some players may not be in any guilds for a variety of reasons, so they may like the brand new fighting experience as a merchant.

Real Crime In Virtual Worlds

By Ben Lamb, Onrpg writer

Crime and gaming have gone hand in hand for many years. Everyone likes to play at being a gangster. But some people take their thieving a little more seriously.

In April 2005, a now very well known heist took place in the world of EVE online, with a coordinated and long-term operation resulting in the theft and destruction of a gigantic amount of in-game property. This was not the first time something like this had been perpetrated, nor would it be the last, but something about this act sent ripples flowing far beyond the murky pond that is EVE.

It started when the Guiding Hand Social Club, a name now notorious in EVE, were contracted to assassinate the head of a large corporation. Over the next few months they placed operatives throughout every level of their target’s organisation, with their main man attaining the rank of second-in-command. When the day came, they raided every storehouse the corporation owned, destroyed their target’s ship and blasted her escape pod to pieces before she could log-out. Their haul netted them several times the original fee for the job, and earned them a place in gaming history.

The thieves’ announcement on the in-character boards elicited a huge wave of reaction, both praising and attacking the act. There was a massive outcry to the developers to bring the thieves to justice for what they saw as a very real crime. The developers won a lot of respect from another section of the community however, by declaring that those involved had acted entirely within the rules (and maybe even the spirit) of the game.

The makers of games spend a lot of time trying to make players feel comfortable in their environments. There has to be a sense of danger, granted, but there also has to be a sense of security to accompany the huge investment that players make in their online avatar. When you are reckless, or simply unlucky enough to get yourself killed, the game may take a chunk of your time, gold or experience, but the developers will usually go to great lengths to stop any other player from forcing this upon you. Player vs player combat especially rarely holds any significant losses for the loser.

Role-playing games are all about getting to do those things that you can’t do in real-life. Everyone likes to feel like they are the hero, but what about those people who want to play the villain? EVE’s set-up, right from the start, was one that allowed players an unusually large degree of freedom that rewarded those players who put in the effort. If you wanted to be a hero then you actually had to be a hero, not just follow all the steps on the ‘be a hero’ quest. And if you wanted to be a villain….

The concept of playing the villain starts to become harder to justify as in-game assets start to have real value outside of the game. There has long been a brisk trade between online and real currency. Although breaking the rules of the games, this has proved hard to stop in most cases. When you start to think of these thefts in the terms of tens of thousands of dollars, they suddenly feel a lot more real.

Most online gamers will be familiar with the term ‘gold farmer’. These are gangs of players, often from countries such as China, for whom the wealth generated from performing monotonous in-game ‘farming’ tasks can earn a decent real-world wage. These operations are often thought to run in conjunction with currency exchange websites and be connected to organized crime.

While this is clearly not in the spirit of the game, it’s a lot harder to monitor, as there is no specific victim. The damage is instead caused to the game economy as a whole. The people who really lose out, of course, are the poor sods killing virtual squirrels in 12-hour shifts for a few dollars a day. But this is simply a new iteration of a system going back a very, very long time.

So far, in all the major cases of in-game theft and fraud, the developers have kept a close eye on the accounts involved and made sure that none of the loot has left the game. But what about worlds like Second Life, where the transfer of money in and out of the game is encouraged?

Here theft is taken a lot more seriously. Second Life is a world for people who want to create something. There are a large number of businesses thriving in Linden’s world. People sell fashion, architecture, technology. All of these, of course, represented simply by a piece of code, and copying this code in order to profit is clearly stealing somebody’s intellectual property. In 2007, an application was created for Second life called CopyBot. Originally intended as a back-up and debugging tool, it was quickly realised by players that it could be used to copy large amounts of other people’s creations without their permissions.

Linden Labs go to lengths to try and prevent this kind of behaviour but, so far, the authorities have declined to get too involved. And who can blame them? The whole copy-bot fiasco has led to nothing more than a few bans dished out by Linden, despite the amount of protest from users.

The much clearer case of Second Life fraud committed by Ginko Financial remained non punishable by even the developers. Ginko Financial was a player run banking enterprise which seems to have been a simple Ponzi scheme, where the interest players earned on their accounts was simply paid out of the accounts of new investors, until the owner of the bank declared himself insolvent and ran off with in-game money worth over half a million US dollars.

In Korea, where online gaming has always been one step ahead of the rest of the world, police keep a record of reported crimes that involve online games, and it’s a huge amount. Over half of all the virtual crimes reported deal with online games, but still rarely fall within their jurisdiction.

A lot of these old virtual crimes seem to find a natural home in online games. In one sense, these games can be seen simply as glorified chat rooms, and thus play host to all the usual dangers you are likely to find there.

With the large number of children playing these games, there is a very real danger here. Nobody would argue that using an online avatar to pick-up children, or scam people for their credit-card details, definitely constitutes a very real and serious crime. This, understandably, is an area where the police definitely do get involved. Due to the anonymity the internet can provide, it is still very difficult for the police to take action in a lot of these cases. While these crimes are something to be wary of, they are nothing new when it comes to the internet. However, as virtual worlds become more real, and more people start to live virtual lives, it must only be a matter of time before all these crimes start to get a much close look from the authorities.

But when these in-game crimes are breaking no real laws, should they be subject to real policing? Can they be subject to real policing? In a lot of ways, no they can’t, and maybe they shouldn’t. Would players find the world of EVE half so exciting if they felt they were having their hand held all the way through? One development which has emerged is the prospect of in-game police run not by the developers, but by the players themselves. If the players have no official protection from the thieves, then what protection can the thieves have against the vigilantes? While this may work in some cases, it’s generally impossible to scam a scammer.

Crime in online games is largely a grey-area, however you look at it, but still a very real area of concern all round. Developers must take very seriously the prospect of people breaking the rules of their games, just as players must always be on their guard.

The thought of policing online worlds raises a lot of difficult questions, which will divide the community many different ways. Should the developers try play God and catch all the petty crooks? Should the police get involved if someone steals your magic sword? Is it even possible to commit a real crime if everyone involved has signed up to the same game?

I’ll certainly be watching very closely over the coming years to see how these issues play out. Let’s just hope there will still be room at the end to play the villain.

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