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LOCO: Evolution Now Live Worldwide

LOCO: Evolution Now Live Worldwide



Alaplaya has launched the highly anticipated LOCO: Evolution update to players worldwide! LOCO: Evolution is a free-to-play MOBA-styled game with RPG elements, and features all the tactical gameplay and third-person action the original LOCO is known for. Evolution brings with it a persistent city for players to explore, a new faction known as the Legion of Heaven, a new game mode, and a slew of other new features.



LOCO: Evolution players now have a place to congregate and engage with brand-new NPCs and real-world friends (or foes) alike: the city of Arhonnas. Combatants can roam this persistent city and interact with a variety of shopkeepers and quest givers, allowing them to pick up new missions, upgrade collected items, purchase pets, trade items, store inventory, and even more perks previously not available in the original LOCO.



A new game mode, Touchdown, has also made its way to LOCO: Evolution for those looking for a different sort of tactical challenge. In this football-inspired game, players are tasked with carrying a flag housed in the center in the map to their opponent’s flag point. Each flag successfully carried to the opposing flag point counts as a point, and the team with the highest score when time expires is proclaimed the victor.



Coinciding with these additions, alaplaya has also implemented a substantial amount of technical upgrades to the LOCO world. Along with an updated UI, which includes easy-to-navigate menus and a revised tutorial for newcomers to the game, Evolution also gives players brand-new achievement and matchmaking systems. The achievement system sets special targets for players and makes it easier for brave combatants to obtain new heroes, while the matchmaking system ensures that there is no wait time to enter a match, letting LOCO: Evolution players get right into the action.

League of Legends Volibear Patch Preview

League of Legends Volibear Patch Preview

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief



RiotGame’s hugely popular MOBA, League of Legends, has revealed a preview of their upcoming patch to release Volibear. This patch preview has heads spinning as the core mechanics of laning and jungling are being rocked to the core, and many veteran players will have to completely revise their current style of play to adjust. But before getting into these details, let’s look at Volibear himself!



Volibear initially seems to fit into the heavy pressure tanky dps role, with the ability to rapidly chase and CC a foe and then unleash hell on them. His abilities are as follows:


Rolling Thunder: Volibear drops to all fours and runs faster if chasing an enemy champion. The first enemy he attacks is knocked into the air.

Frenzy: Volibear’s repeated attacks grant him additional attack speed. Once Volibear has repeatedly attacked four times, he can perform a vicious bite on his target.

Majestic Roar: Volibear lets out a powerful roar that damages and slows enemies. Minions and monsters are feared as well.

Thunder Claws (Ultimate): Volibear channels the power of the storm causing his attacks to blast his targets with lightning that bounces to other nearby enemies.

Chosen of the Storm (passive): Volibear heals rapidly for a few seconds when his health drops to a critical level.



As you can see his Rolling Thunder gives him the distance closure needed to face off with ranged attackers, while Majestic Roar will hold foes in place once they realize that fleeing is the ideal option. His Frenzy will allow him to stand toe to toe should the opponent choose to duel to the death, and thunder claws will make him an intimidating presence in any team fight. Chosen of the Storm seems there just to give opponents a false sense of confidence, tricking them to commit to a duel that they will be unable to win.


Sivir Rework

The long awaited Sivir rework is finally coming. Her passive (based on dodge) is being phased all like all things dodge. In exchange she is gaining a movement speed increase when she attacks a foe, making her more apt for chasing enemies but less skilled when fleeing. She is also gaining a toggle on her ricochet so that it can be used to give her ‘double strikes’ by toggling it on right after a standard basic attack. Another major complaint in her kit is that she is presented as a ranged DPS but lacks the range of most of her archetype. This is being extended to allow her to stay far from the fray when danger is present.



Minion Rework

Minions are getting their damage nerfed greatly in an attempt to make laners in the laning phase more aggressive. The logic behind this is that there will be less penalty for striking out at an opponent because the minions will take a smaller chunk of your health as your pursue your foe through them. Will this be the actual case? Hopefully next week we can test it out in actual combat and see for ourselves



Jungle and HP Pot Rework

This is the real buzz around the campfire that has players up in arms. First off, hp potions are losing some of their effectiveness to make lane sustain via multiple hp pots a thing of the past, or at least not as effective as previous builds made them out to be. In addition to this, jungle mobs are being weakened, and will be offering less experience and gold. Also, some of the smaller camps will be offering players new buffs never before present on Summoner’s Rift. To counter balance this all, the respawn time is being reduced so a constant stream of monsters will be available for the jungler to farm. And finally, they are nerfing the effectiveness of lizard’s red buff when used by a melee fighter.



All this combines to a new way of seeing the game! Junglers will have to decide when is ideal to gank lanes, rather than farming through all their side of the map and then ganking because there is nothing better to do. Depending on what the buffs are, we might see some interesting dynamics change in the laning phase as mid lane rushes over to farm wraiths of wolves to gain a buff advantage over their opponent.



Stay tuned in December as Hhean will give a more detailed review of all these changes and how it has changed League of Legends. If you’ve never played League of Legends I suggest checking out our epic forum thread or Riot Game’s website for more info!

Terraria Patch 1.1 Coming December 1st!

Terraria Patch 1.1 Coming Soon



Re-logic, developer of Terraria, has revealed that they will be releasing their largest content update yet on December 1st! This content dubbed version 1.1 will also be available for free to all current owners of the game!



According to a recent developer post on the forums, the update will add 39 new monsters, four new bosses (check out the trailer for a preview!), three npcs, 222 new items, four armor sets, and 21 accessories!



Although specific details are being kept hush hush, players can expect a challenging experience the likes of which they never dreamed possible in the Terraria world. A new hard mode awaits those wishing to take revenge on the Guide of hell.



For those who think the weapons in game are a bit too dull as is, this patch addresses your concerns by adding randomized bonus effects that can be reforged by various npcs! There are also some new unique items coming as well so collectors be prepared to search for the best of the best! A final aesthetic touch to version 1.1 will be improved world generation technology, allowing for better lighting, better backgrounds, and even some interesting physics like flowing water!



Surprisingly enough, this is only the beginning and Re-logic promises even more content to come on December 15th as a Christmas present for their users. OnRPG will keep an eye on this and bring you more details and they become available.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Companions

Star Wars: The Old Republic Companions

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



We’re only weeks away from the opening of the long awaited Star Wars MMO and most of us have been invited for several betas so far and have gotten a closer look at this game. In this article I will be giving you a closer look at the companions that you are able to get in SWTOR. These companions will help you in your journey and are even able to go on missions themselves! All the available companions have unique abilities and weapons that they use and thus create a wide variety of gameplay elements.



Like in every Star Wars movie, the main characters always had a companion everywhere they went; these companions helped them through thick and thin and were even willing to die for their friend. Now you must be wondering how you can acquire one of these good pals to help you with your quests in the Star Wars universe. Well it is fairly simple and everyone will acquire at least one fairly soon. As a Sith Warrior I received a slave that was captured by the Sith and held in prison for a while. She was a treasure hunter from the planet Nar Shaddaa, and after helping her I received her as my companion in future missions for the Sith. Although a useful tool to meet my ends, I realized that keeping her happy was going to be vital to maintaining our relationship for the long-term.



Every companion has a different motivation and reason why they’ve joined you on your journey. As a Sith warrior I merely received my slave as a gift from my superiors because of my storyline and choices I made within the world of Star Wars. All the companions provide commentary in cutscenes, information on plots and directions, and reveal their own personal charm and perspective. The companions may influence your decision making in dialogues, and you can even earn respect. You can also influence their thought and thus become close friends or even lovers. However it’s not all fun and games. If you make a decision that your companion severely disagrees with, they can just as easily turn against you. It’s a heart breaking feeling seeing a character that helped you through so much and that you have come to rely on leaving you over one or two bad choices. Even if you lack emotional connection to them, if you went ahead and equipped them with valuable gear then it really hurts to lose them! On a side note, the companions can get you access to special side quests and even fill in a spot in your party should you be missing enough people to form it. They’re truly one of the most diverse and useful ‘pet’ systems in an MMO today.



Not only are the companions great assets on your adventure, they are also able to go do quests on their own which in result earns you a lot of precious items! The companions are able to go to town for example and sell all your useless items that you don’t need anymore. This saves you your endless trips of going to town because your bag is too full to carry anything. Since the Star Wars The Old Republic galaxy is full with rich valuable resources, high-tech schematics, and intriguing opportunities, the companions are a useful aspect of the game to do something for you while you’re busy with other stuff. Because the galaxy has so much to offer you can send off your companions on their own missions to gather valuable crafting items and other valuable resources. They can also craft items for you or undertake their own missions to bring you and your crew a variety of benefits and rewards. If you send one of your crew members away they will be gone for an x amount of seconds depending on the quest that they will have to undertake so keep this in mind if your group is planning a particularly difficult mission soon.



Because every crew member has a different background, some companions are more proficient with certain skills, and the higher their opinion of you, the better they will perform for you. So it is very important to keep your companions happy. Happy companions are productive companions and can pretty much ensure you get twice as much done for the amount of time you spend playing the game. However the way you specialize them will determine exactly what it is that will make them useful to you. You will be able to select three Crew Skills for your team to train in from among these main categories:


Gathering skills:






Crafting Skills:








Mission Skills:



Treasure Hunting

Underworld Trading



As you can see all these skills are really valuable for various missions that they can do while they’re gone and you don’t need them. Each of these main categories is an unique addition to the Crew Skills System. A companion system has been seen before but something like this is rather unique. We have seen several MMORPGs like Guild Wars and Forsaken World use this kind of system but never to the extent that Star Wars is aiming to achieve.



After extensively testing companions in beta, I have to say I love the concept of companions in Star Wars The Old Republic. I believe it is a fun feature to have in the game and the companions provide so much replayability due to the ways they can change your character’s storyline. Their time saving function is also a life saver for allowing me to get the maximum enjoyment out of my play time when I actually have time to play. It’s an added bonus watching your companion react to your actions and really makes you feel the impact of your decisions on a personal level. Because of the companion system your entire journey becomes a little more unique, and gives you plenty of stories you can share with your friends that are unique to you.

Maplestory: Mapleworld Through the Years

Maplestory: Mapleworld Through the Years

By Jerrico Tan (JetSet), OnRPG Journalist


Maplestory is a side-scroller action MMORPG published by Nexon, the same company behind popular titles like Atlantica, Vindictus, and Mabinogi. Despite being just a 2D platform adventure online game, this one still charmed a total of 100 million accounts worldwide for of its cute anime presentation, tons of adventures, frequent updates and many other features that sum up a game with lots of stuff to do to keep you busy.



The game has been running for almost 5 years and Maplestory still offers freshly updated content for the convenience of the game’s new, loyal or even returning players. The most notable expansion made available almost a year ago was the “Bing Bang” update, where the game system has been totally revamped. The update adjusted the game’s EXP curve so that players could reach the max level cap easier. This also added a new resolution option to players (1024×768) which made exploring the lands of Mapleworld even better.



There is also a recent update titled “Rise of the Fellowship” and this added a “familiar” tab in its monster codex card system. Now, players could choose one of any collected monster cards as an assistant monster in the field. Each monster also has different stats and abilities to help you kill enemies efficiently. The game’s regularly updated content wouldn’t leave returning players with an impression that this game is getting old.




The game mostly uses the keyboard for character movement and actions, which is obviously important when playing side scroller games. The mouse pointer is still in there but only for item sorting and NPC interactions. The controls for this game are highly customizable; an in-game keyboard layout is presented so you can mix and match hotkeys to your perfect setup. Now that’s a great convenience especially for players with cluttered laptop keyboards. Lastly, if you prefer playing side scroller games on a controller, Maplestory also supports gamepad controls with fully customizable key mapping just like the keyboard. With these convenient control features, players can surely maximize their gaming experiences in the Mapleworld.



An Improvement in Gameplay

During its early years, the game’s main problem was its awful grind oriented gameplay, and thankfully, Nexon remedied that by adding a number of fun quests in the game. One of them is the Dojo quest where you rack up points by killing monsters “street fighter” style and exchange your points for a specific belt title. There are also Party Quests, which are tackle puzzles and riddles rather than mere“monster-farming”. Additionally, completing the first chapter of the storyline quests would easily advance players to level 25 so they won’t really grind that much anymore.



Classes and Skills

The world of Maplestory is chock-full of choices for adventure. Starting players are also made to choose one of the many storylines presented. Players could choose to simply be a casual explorer who protects the Victoria Islands, be part of a Resistance group against the confederate Black Wings, or be one of the Cygnus Knights that are dedicated to fight off the forces of an evil Black Mage. Each class group offers character classes, which has at least three of the following main classes: the warrior, the archer, the wizard, the thief and the pirate. The stories behind your class group progresses as you get to a higher job level and this small storytelling feat gives replay value to the game.



There are many job types that should also be considered under the said class groups.They branch out into three job specialties once you have an opportunity to advance your job level. Every job class has specific skill specialties (not that original or amusing in my opinion) but its macro skill feature was what really caught my eye. You can choose a combination of three skills and jam it in one hotkey and even name your macro with whatever you want to call it. Now you won’t have to press so many buttons when executing buff skills before battle.




The item selection is one of the core features behind Maplestory. The game’s item database has vast amounts of equipment that you could use to dress up your character. They are also statistically balanced in order to have the best set of equipment and so that each character would never look alike. Players however should be careful when buying items for there are gender and class restrictions.



Upgrading equipment is also pertinent in this game. You can use scrolls to upgrade your equipment’s stats. The lower the scroll percentage, the bigger stat bonuses it would receive should the forge succeed. Be careful when forging low percentage scrolls, though. Not only are your scroll lots forever lost even if the scroll fails, but using dark scrolls puts your equipment at risk of being destroyed.




Another great feature that was added in the game was its “age of battle”. This age introduced the battle arena and it will open itself to players once they reach lvl30.There are also level categories so players shouldn’t worry about level gaps. The current update offers four battle game modes: Free For all, Team Battle, Ice Knight, and Capture the Flag.



The first three modes are obviously self explanatory; however, the most unique mode that players should try out is the Ice Knight mode. The battle starts when a random player in the room turns into the Ice Knight. Aside from changing appearance, that transformed player would get monstrous stat buffs. The objective is simple enough in that the Ice Knight tries to survive a gauntlet against every other player in the room. With these competitive features, Maplers get a chance to show that their equipment is best suited for battle and not just for show.




The community, perhaps, is one of the key factors responsible for Maplestory’s success and popularity throughout the years and I have to say, the game’s current running community is still fairly decent. Most of the gamers present are friendly and helpful and some would wholeheartedly help you complete quests. And if you’re lucky, you might even receive equipment and Mesos (its in-game currency) from them generous folks.




The graphics in the game wouldn’t stand a chance with games that have dazzling 3.0 shader effects. But who needs those shaders when the game has action packed gameplay and everlasting cutesy charm all over it? The game was published almost five years ago (2007) so you shouldn’t even worry about its system requirements if your PC was made during that period of time.




With many features and fresh, exciting contents being regularly added, Maplestory is definitely one of those few MMORPG titles out there that let you enjoy playing in your own way even without paying a cent. With tons of quests to choose and complete, you won’t even notice that you’ve already spent more than three hours of game time in just a day. Even if its graphics could give initial negative impressions, Maplestory’s vast, entertaining and enjoyable gameplay still gets my 2-thumbs up. Now hurry and download it for free.



The Good:

*Revamped game system

*Always fresh content

*Fast paced gameplay

*Fully customizable controls

*Vast item selection

*Newly added PvP features


The Bad:

*2D graphics

*Gameplay could be repetitive in the longrun

*Some third party online item sellers



Graphics: 3.5/5

Controls: 4/5

Features: 3.5/5

Customization: 3.5/5

Community: 3/5