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Halloween MMO Events 2013

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Editor


Halloween has come again and in fine MMO tradition the spooky and fun events are in full swing. We’ve got a massive list of the events going on out there in the MMO world. So find yours below. The most recent updates to this three week old list are in Golden Yellow.


Age of Conan – By The Light of the Moon October 28 – November 11

Fight to save ConarchVillage from a dark fate after a band of strangers arrives in town. This is an all new event this year and includes exclusive Halloween rewards. Have no fear though, if you’re a fan of Night of the Lost Souls, that is back again as well.

Aion – Nightmare Circus – October 23 – November 6

Nightmare Lord Heiramune has kidnapped the Yume, Queen of Dreams. This event is for players level 30 or higher with a minimum of two players. Enter the instance with the aid of faeries to save Yume. Rewards comes via Nightmare Crates which require keys to unlock.

Allods – Halloween Film Fright Fest – October 21 – November 3

What would Halloween be without scary movies? Allods doesn’t want to find out. This Halloween season they’re holding a Halloween Film Fright Fest. Make a 30 second to 5 minute long film telling a scary story to be in for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Anarchy Online – October 22 – November 5

Uncle Pumpkinhead returns once again this year to terrorize the citizens of Rubi-Ka. Plus some limited time deals on subscriptions.

APB – Fright Club – October 24 – November 6th

San Paro’s Fight Club has become the Fright Club. Set in an abandoned asylum, the Fright club is filled with ghoulish gangsters and other terrifying things. This isn’t all from APB though, an all new Halloween Pack features witches and wizard hats, wings, and weapons.

Camelot Unchained – Bean Sidhe Race Reveal

Camelot Unchained‘s Kickstarter updates offer a spooky look into the backstory and racial boons and banes of the disembodied playable race, the Bean Sidhe aka Banshee. Catch the update for full details on this horrifying addition to the upcoming title.

Champions Online – Halloween Bloodmoon – October 24 – November 4

Zombies invade as Undying Lord Takofanes arrives with his minions and the souls of heroes who died during the Battle of Detroit. Get trick or treat bags from special NPCs who may just turn into monsters and tear your face off.

Conquer 2 – Evil Unleashed – October 12 – October 31

Go on a treasure hunt, kill demons, and get boxes of treasure or the Forbidden Fear Scroll which summons the dreaded Fear Deamon. This quest can be completed up to ten times a day and there are rewards for being the top opener of boxes on your server.

Dark Age of Camelot – A Sinister Moon Rises – October 17 – November 5

The Ghostly Harvest Quest is back again for players level 45 and higher. But this is just the start of the long list of things taking place. Ghosts haunt the streets of the capital cities, something strange has happened to all of the puppies, and crazy old women are selling costume potions.

DCUO – The Witching Hour – Dates Unknown

Klarion the Witch Boy returns to DCUO once again this year, bringing with him tricks, treats, styles, items, and more. Very little information is known as of publishing this article; check back next week when hopefully there will be more to tell.

Digimon Masters – Spooky Halloween Party – October 22 – November 26

Pumpkinmon needs help only Tamers can give. Pick up the newest weapon, Pumpkin Bombs which allow tamers to hunt the pumpkin monsters that spawn in every map. And Soulmon has joined the festivities this year. Soulmon is on the hunt for cookies which drop from a variety of Digimon. And this is only the start of the month long festivities.

Dragon Nest EU – The Night of the Pumpkin Duck – October 8 – November 12

Meet Crazy Duck’s undead cousin, Pumpkin Duck. Scare him away for coupons to get pumpkin related souvenirs. Plus get rewards for staying logged in for 30 minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, or 3 Hours with cookies, jewel pouches, and more.

Dragon’s Prophet – Dragonween – October 24 – November 6

Head to Artecia and look for the Red Quest Marker near the Path of Elders to start this Halloween event. Enter the Abyss of Exile to start an all new series of quests with unique bosses, festive gear, and other surprises.

Dungeons and Dragons Online – Mabar Fest – October 24 – November 11

Mabar Fest returns once again with hats, The Spectral Dragon, and of course the undead. Earn tokens for prizes and find new items in the store.

Elsword – Free Costumes for All

Eighteen different costumes have been added to Elsword this holiday season. Trick or treat in style, and keep an eye out for more events and community contests then ever before. Keep an eye out on social media for more and catch a preview of some of them on our image gallery.

Everquest – The Haunting of Norrath – October 19 – ?

The Haunting of Norrath returns once again with new candy and costume shops, bone collecting, The Gravedigger, Scarecrow Roundup, and many, many more events. To see them all you’ll just have to log in.

Everquest II – Night of the Dead – October 15 – November 11

EQII Halloween

Race fellow adventurers to capture ghosts and earn rewards. Or maybe you’d like to have a go at some of the popular quests from Halloweens gone by? Earn new achievements and buy some holiday themed items on the market for a limited time.

Fiesta Online

Carve pumpkins, tell scary stories, hunt the headless, eat monster candies, or take on the Halloween Challenge Dungeon. There is no shortage of festive fun in Fiesta Online this Halloween season.

FFXIV:ARR– All Saints’ Wake – October 18 – November 1

A traveling circus has arrived overnight as if by magic. Talk to them to get a special quest. Enjoy decorative lanterns lining the streets and fun costumes but always be on the look out for tricks and treats.

Forge of Empires – Dates Unknown

Jack O’lantern returns to Forge of Empires again this year with a new questline. Get last year’s building plus a new building this here. Jack may even give player cemeteries a unique boost.

Forsaken World – October 26 – November 4

Join Captain Ironclasp in Freedom Harbor for a special holiday event to earn new costumes and more.

Free Realms – October 1 – November 5

The Marketplace is filled with scary costumes and Halloween essentials. Plus there is a new frightfully fun quest for players to complete.

Gaia Online

Support either Jack or the Easter Bunny in their never ending feud in Vengeance or go around trick or treating if that isn’t your sort of thing.


Play the role of Alchemists this year and stir up one of three mystical ingredients to receive unique rewards.

Guild Wars 2 – Blood and Madness – October 15 – November 11

The Mad King makes a return this year up to his usual tricks, but he isn’t alone. Bloody Prince Edrick, the son of The Mad King has appeared. Trick or treat, get lost in a deadly labyrinth, and race to the top of the Mad King’s Clock Tower.


Guncraft – Paranoia Mode – October 28 – ?

One player will be selected as the Zombie Queen in this spine chilling new mode being introduced to Guncraft. The Queen appears to be a normal soldier, but anyone they kill becomes a zombie with enhanced speed and jumping abilities.

Guns and Robots – October 30 – November 4

Smash pumpkins, hunt down spooky enemies and win cool presents during this year’s Halloween festivities. Be sure to keep an eye on Guns and Robots’ Facebook page as well to get free accessories to get in the Halloween spirit.

Kings and Legends – October 22 – ?

Active players will new card rewards and take part in a limited edition Challenge Hall to be in for a chance to get a Unicorn Mount and Runes. Expect more information to come out as the event approaches.

Lord of the Rings – Harvestmath Festival – October 22 – November 4

Enter the Haunted Burrow, a haunted Hobbit fun-house, take part in horse races, have a pint, or play Troves & Trickery. Harvestmath has something for everyone from bobbing for apples to decorative items for your home.

Mabinogi – The Cursed Labyrinth

Transform into one of 15 new costumes as you find your way through the Cursed Labyrinth or vanquish vampires with the Vampire Hunter set.


Just in time for Halloween Maplestory celebrates their 8th anniversary with a monster hunt, and Halloween party. Hunt monsters with Witch Malady for Dark Tokens to get for rare equipment and items. Or help Empress Cygnus put together a spooktacular Halloween party.

Marvel Heroes – Halloween Costumes

New costumes are being introduced to celebrate Halloween. The first is Wolverine Brood. After being infected with a Brood Embryo Wolverine was able to keep himself from being completely transformed but is now trapped in a half mutant, half alien form. Check the Marvel Heroes site regularly for more spooky costumes.


The Micro World has gone a little spooky with pumpkinized health potions and grenades, ghostified shields, and bazookas that rain skulls. The armory has been given an update to feature lollipop rifles, pumpkin gatlings, and more festive weaponry. And of course there are new Halloween costumes to enjoy on top of it all.

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Trick and Loot Open House – October 28 – November 4

For a limited time anyone can play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot as they host yet another open house. This one though has a Halloween twist. For a limited time get Halloween themes and costumes and new Halloween themed castles have been created for players to test their new skills. New customization options also appear, a glowing pumpkin head, bat winged headgear, and other fun costumes for looters.

MU Online – Trick or Treat and Haunted Halloween – October 18 – November 6

Halloween gets not one but two events this year in MU online. The first is a trick or treat hunt across the web. Collect 5 codes from media partners (including OnRPG!) to get free in game gifts. This only runs until November 1st. The second event begins October 23rd and carries on until November 6th. The Haunted Halloween Hunt takes players on a quest to find the WereRabbit and Fire Flame Ghost then expands the monster hunt to include any above level 68. Get rewarded with scrolls or even a rare transformation ring.

Neverwinter – Masquerade of Liars Festival – October 29 – November 4

Protector’s Enclave transforms for Liar’s Night, which has been turned into a six day long festival of trickery and mischief. Take part in new events and tasks to earn costumes and pumpkins.

Perfect World International – October 30 – November 4

Get double EXP, spirit and drops to prepare for exciting new events. The events start and end at various times throughout the festive season so check out the official site for more information on each.

Planetside 2

New holiday items are now available in Planetside 2. Get flaming jack o’ lanterns, bat-winged skulls, and much more. These items will continue to be available after the Halloween season is over.

Rift – Autumn Harvest – October 17 – November 1


Atrophinius returns for the Autumn Harvest. Eliminate scarabs who are trying to get at the harvest, steal loot that belongs to Telara, and face off against vampires and werewolves. As thanks for helping Atrophinius and the Fae get special tokens for Spectral mounts and other sweet loot.

The Settlers Online – October 17 – ?

A new server wide challenge is one of two highlights this year. A giant golem will invade every player’s island and must be defeated over and over for awesome rewards. Each time it returns the battle gets harder but the rewards get sweeter. Or take part in an exclusive quest chain that helps characters get pumpkins which can be traded for decorative items, buffs, and buildings.

Silkroad October 23 – November 12

Bring candies to So-OK in exchange for a variety of rewards which are given at random but include SP Scrolls, subscription cards, potions and more. And to help get in the Halloween mood Joymax has put the three most popular seasonal costumes on sale.

SMITE – Limited Time Skins – October 15 – November 6

SMITE Skin Jack

For a limited time get three new skins. Jack the Reaper – Pumpkin Thanatos. Golden Vamana and Golden Isis have also been introduced. Jack the Reaper Thanatos will only be available for purchase during the holiday season so make sure to purchase it before November 6th.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures – October 1 – November 5

For all of October the spooky costumes, devilish Droids, and deadly decorations are back. For more Halloween fun there is a Halloween themed Dark Side Duel stage where players take on a Halloween Count Dooku.

TERA – Banquet of Blood – October 17 – November 5

Crash the feast of the Vampir in a forgotten dungeon near Balder’s Refuge and protect your hard earned candy from creepy creatures going after your loot in the Eldritch Academy. Get costumes, accessories and even an adorable ghost pet called Boo.

The Secret World – The Cat God and Stories from Solomon Island

The Cat God returns once again for those who missed it last year, or simply wish to relive the fun. New this year is the Stories from Solomon Island. This series of missions has you helping the League of Monster Slayers in completing their book of urban legends by investigating these scary stories. The release date hasn’t been announced for this event just yet though.

Vanguard – Festival of Grim Harvest – October 15 – November 5

The veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest this time of year. Players must face three raid bosses and ghoulish NPCs, and be treated to candy and more.

Wizardry Online – Mr. Pumpkin Spirit Festival – October 23 – November 6

Help Mr. Pumpkin find his Spirit Seeds and earn seasonal rewards including pumpkin pants, a pointy hat, pumpkin weapons, and much more.

World of Warcraft – Hallow’s End – October 18 – November 1

Bobbing for apples, throw stink bombs at the enemy, or take part in a high level encounter against the Headless Horseman. There are activities for everyone from pyromaniacs to candy nuts.

Unlimited Ninja Review

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)

Unlimited Ninja Review 1

There is finally a MMORPG that is fully focused on the story of the ninja. And as a fan, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

When you make your character you have to choose between three fighting styles: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. This is a tough choice to make for anyone that has seen the show, as there are examples plenty of just how awesome each style can become. While some are rather dull, some of them are quite interesting, and the in-game player models do well to reflect the different styles. At first I wanted to take the normal path, the one of Ninjutsu which is also the most famous one in both the game and the show. But Genjutsu also appealed to me, and I love using mind tricks on people. In the end I decided to not be just another brick in the wall and went with the Genjutsu road less traveled.

Unlimited Ninja Review 2

Every character that you unlock, can be thrown into your team. Your team is obviously your character, and other characters you will meet along your journey to master your art. The game of course rushes this and has far less filler than the show, but the overall story won’t be lost by these jumps in episodes. All the characters that you unlock can be given equipment to make them stronger. This equipment can also be made stronger with money and special items. Each character in the game also has a special role.

Unlimited Ninja Review 3

There are three roles in Unlimited Ninja. The Vanguard role, which basically is the tanking role of your whole army, the assaulter role who deals the most damage and the support role that helps anyone from the backline. Unlimited Ninja doesn’t make you wait long to gain access to a wide variety of characters. Most of these have a different specialization just like in the series. I unlocked Neji and Kiba, but was only able to use one of them, and so this was a really tough choice. In the end character statistics are there to help make the tougher decisions. See characters aren’t just differentiated by their skills but with their stats and weapon types. And your character also unlocks different techniques to use as you progress. You really have to play around with your formation and skills to make the ultimate fighting team.

The gameplay is rather simple. Most of your time is spent either clicking buttons or watching fighting animations. Unfortunately the game itself does everything automatically, from walking to quests to actually fighting other ninjas. There isn’t that much that you can do since everything is simulated. You basically have to see this game as a strategy game. You control the strings of fate from the background, but as soon as the moment comes, you can do nothing but watch and hope. You can choose between a damaging stun or powerful AoE skill.

Unlimited Ninja Review 5

Besides your team selection you also get a summon. Everyone starts with the One-Tailed Shukaku, one of the first tailed beast you encounter in the game. These tailed beast drastically improve your team so you want to have one on the playing field at all times possible. For anyone that hasn’t seen the show, these beasts live inside some of the characters, giving them special powers and making them a lot stronger. But in this game they are more shown as pets rather than beasts living in your body.

Unfortunately like I said there isn’t a heck lot you can do. And this disappoints me. The story line is interesting, but as a fan of the genre I have already seen it before. Even if it is cool to see your own character fighting alongside these heroes we have seen in the actual show, it is still a rather dull experience, especially since there is no control in battle at all, and you just have to hope your spells do enough damage. It feels like it is based on luck, and I rather not play a game that is based on luck. Testing your strength in the Arena is no different as you just bet your luck against other players’ teams and hope for the best. In the earlier levels when you unlock Arena this becomes apparent fast. Basically each character and each team functions the same. Even though both teams should at that point have equal stats and equipment, the matches tend to range from complete domination to total slaughter. There’s just no middle point and no logic as to why.

Unlimited Ninja 4

Verdict: Fair

Finally there’s a game about the popular archetype of ninjas available online! Unfortunately, it sounds more awesome than it really is. The game itself is entertainment, I have to be fair on that, but there isn’t a lot that the player actually can do. All the fighting is simulated and you can only watch, stare, and hope that your team will survive. Even by taking every chance I could to avoid becoming another brick in the wall, it proved a futile effort in Unlimited Ninja. You are a clone, and a lot of people look the same, and go for the same team composition because it is the most logical thing to do. Sure you have a choice, but do you rather want to be weak, or have a fighting chance? I am disappointed such a boring outcome to a style of game that has been long awaited; I expected more.

Aura Kingdom DevBlog 4: The Best of Both Worlds

Welcome back one and all to the final round of our class highlights!

We’ve already gone in-depth in our previous posts about the flexibility provided through secondary weapons in Aura Kingdom. Characters level 40 and up can steadily gain access to all the abilities of their chosen secondary weapon, granting a single character the potential to perform one of two roles at any given time. There is, however, yet another perk to secondary weapons.

Some weapons synergize very well with one other, and the end result is an arsenal of powerful combo attacks unique to specific weapon pairings. For instance, if a Duelist (whose primary weapons are dual blades) selects a Gunslinger’s twin pistols as a secondary weapon, they gain access to new abilities such as a sprinting shot in which they charge, stab, and fire a salvo at a target. That same Duelist could also opt for a Grenadier’s cannon instead, using attacks that combine the explosive power and rapid-fire shots of both weapons.

Likewise, caster weapons work extremely well together to create a wide variety of effects. A Sorcerer can take up a staff and gain access to new frost and wind AoE spells as well as a group healing ability. They can also select a Harp as their secondary and combine both weapons to summon fire spirits and smite enemies with holy blades of sonic waves.

The possibilities are endless, and fortunately the option is available for players to change their secondary weapon if they want to experiment with the combo attacks from other pairings. We think this one of Aura Kingdom’s most interesting customization options and we’re excited to see which combinations our players like the most!

As always, thanks for reading and stay on the lookout for more info as development rolls smoothly along!

Nether Available on Steam Early Access

Need the perfect horror survival title to make your Halloween gaming session perfect? Nether Online has your back.

Nether Steam Early Access

Survival fans can now test their skill and cunning in an urban environment as Phosphor Games opened early access via Steam to its first-person survival game Nether. To celebrate early access, Nether is discounted during the Steam Halloween Sale. All those who previously pre-ordered Nether via will receive additional in-game perks as a thank you for being among the first to support the game. To enter early access for Nether, players can purchase the game on Steam or visit


“Since we started working on the rich, urban environment of Nether we’ve wanted to get players involved in shaping the game and its future content,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “Now that players can experience the exhilarating gameplay themselves, we are really excited to see how player feedback shapes Nether in the coming months and years.”

Nether is a first-person urban survival gaming experience unlike any other. Nether forces players to make quick life-saving decisions in an unforgiving environment. In this post-apocalyptic urban world, death is waiting around every corner, at the top of high-rise buildings, and in the grasp of powerful teleporting creatures known as nethers. To navigate this high-tension environment, players must use skill and cunning in order to obtain food, weapons, supplies, and other resources necessary to survive in a desolate and dangerous city. Players will need to choose whether or not to team up with others or go at it solo against the nethers, other players, and unpredictable, treacherous world objectives. In the end, players must decide if they will Prey or Pray.

Luvinia World Update Focuses On Mount Upgrade & Previews Expansion


This week, SOA Games has unveiled their latest patch update for their action-packed anime MMORPG, Luvinia World.

The newest patch update now adds support for level 4 and 5 mount upgrade, lowers the vitality needed for re-entering some high-level dungeons, and fixes many quest bugs. For more information, check out the patch release posted on the forums.

Luvinia Attack

SOA Games is working with developer Shanda Games on a new content expansion that is expected to arrive towards the end of the month.  This new expansion will cater to higher-level players with tons of new content.

A sneak preview of the upcoming expansion can be seen Luvinia World’s official facebook page:

Gear up, Luvies! The Bingo researchers have uncovered a Hidden Temple that dates back to the origins of Luvinia, but we don’t yet know what is inside. Early scouts report a new breed of Monsters that don’t go down easy. These hulking beasts are protected by powerful defensive shields, and they are too strong for lone warriors to break. You will need to team up with your entire nation if you hope to beat them. Succeed, and you may find treasures never before seen on the Savajelan continent.

This dark hellhole is only for the strongest and most experienced adventurers of Luvinia. If you haven’t reached level 95, start training up now!

League of Legends Unleashes the Harrowing with Patch 3.13

League of Legends Harrowing Patch

It’s looking clear why Riot Games has been so silent this month. League of Legends‘ Patch 3.13 offers some of the most extensive balance changes and reworks across the board both mechanically and visually. The notes cover everything including the possibly thought to be abandoned Heimerdinger rework, Ahri charm rework, major Kassadin nerfs, attack speed slows joining the curses that can be cleansed, Sivir’s visual rework, early game Jinx nerfs, and of course the return of the Legacy skins along with Officer Vi and Haunted Zyra skins.


Beyond this there are tons of changes including the reduction of mana on various champion ultimates that typically don’t prioritize the stat and even spooky new ward skins. Be sure to read the official post to catch the details, but be warned. The wall of text may be the scariest part of this update!

Forsaken World: Dysil’s Wrath Expansion Launching in November

Forsaken World Drysils Wrath

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the acclaimed free-to-play MMORPG Forsaken World, is set to launch its latest expansion Dysil’s Wrath in November. In this latest expansion players will face off against each other in cross-server PvP, battle three brand new epic raid bosses, earn high level PvP gear in the new arena season, construct guild buildings, and much more.

“A lot of hard work and effort has gone into this latest expansion, so it’s with great pleasure to let our players know Dysil’s Wrath is coming soon,” said Perfect World Entertainment Senior Product Manager, Mark Hill. “There are so many great features we’re including in this latest expansion. Along with a new arena season, and new raid bosses; all new fashion items, mounts, and pets have been added. These are just a few of the many updates we’re including in this latest expansion. Dysil’s Wrath gives both new and current players something to look forward to.”

GBE Games Debuts Fantasy MMORPG The Lost Titans October 31st

The Lost Titans

GBE Games today announced that on October 31st it will launch the popular browser-based fantasy MMORPG, The Lost Titans.  The next generation mythological MMORPG raises the browser gaming experience to a whole new level using the latest in full 3D browser gaming technology rendering stunning environments unseen in today’s browser games.

Fun for both casual and hardcore gamers, The Lost Titans gives players a fresh take on mythological tales putting them in control as they travel along an epic, continuous storyline inspired by real Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies.  Journeying through the world of Aristos, players are tasked with saving their Titan Ruler, Hyperion, and the land from Titan Ophion’s destruction and betrayal.  Players can join up with others to explore together or fight against each other in fast-paced PvP battle.

Players should be on the look out for the upcoming Open Beta Test where they can enjoy tons of in-game events, item giveaways and a chance to win Razer Keyboards and Mice!

Alteil Horizons Kickstarter Relaunches with Powerful Start

Alteil Horizons Kickstarter Re

You may remember an interview we ran back in September of an upcoming iTCG with real strategic elements that eliminated a lot of the luck and power purchasing prevalent in most Trading Card Games available online. Well although Alteil Horizons failed to fully fund, they haven’t given up. Today marks the relaunch of their Kickstarter and they’ve already reached 20% of their goal in the first two hours!

Alteil Horizons Early Bird

The Kickstarter page is streamlined with more information and improved reward tiers. The Early Bird packs are going fast (I snagged mine already!) so don’t hesitate to grab this sweet deal while it lasts.