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Ultimate Adom Full Release Trailer

After over 25 years, here comes the official sequel to classic ADOM. Experience the modern reimagining of a traditional roguelike dungeon-crawling classic. Endless procedurally generated dungeons, countless monsters, grafting, crafting and a vast amount of skill trees and items allow for unlimited replayability.

▬ Features ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
• Depth for Days — Choose from a huge selection of classes, genders, races, and allegiances to mix and match the perfect build for your playstyle
• A Proper Roguelike — Procedurally generated levels, monsters, and items ensure no playthrough is the same
• More Spells Than a Hogwarts Textbook — With multiple specialized schools of magic and more than 100 spells to choose from, dungeon-diving wizards have plenty at their disposal to get them through the darkness
• That’s a Nice Arm You’ve Got There… — Take the severed limbs of your enemies and graft them to your own body, after all, more hands = more weapons to hold
• A Jack of All Trades — With more than 80 skill trees, aspiring dungeon delvers have plenty of choices when it comes to crafting the ultimate warrior, and then there are the dozens of secret skills waiting to be discovered!
• Go Modern or Keep it Classic — Modern graphics or traditional ASCII, the choice is yours! Players can also toggle between 3D mode and top-down view.

DokeV Gamescom 2021 World Premiere Gameplay Trailer

Dive into a gorgeous and lively world where Dokebi and humans live side-by-side! Watch DokeV’s first official gameplay trailer which premiered at gamescom 2021: Opening Night Live and let’s get a look at what these adorable denizens are cooking up…

This trailer contains actual in-game and gameplay footage. As a work-in-progress, the content is subject to change.

What is DokeV? DokeV is an upcoming creature-collecting open world action-adventure from Pearl Abyss filled with intriguing stories and set in a unique, vibrant world. Meet Dokebi, whimsical creatures that live side-by-side with humans and encourage people’s dreams from which they gain strength. The gorgeous and colorful world of DokeV is brimming with activities, stories, and experiences, so get ready to befriend tons of Dokebi, embark on an adventure, and rock the world! Who knows, they may be dancing around you, even now..!

Park Beyond Gamescom 2021 Announcement Trailer

Dare to dream the impossible!

If you’ve ever wanted to whip through the tentacles of an octopus, rocket across a canyon, or be shot into the stars you’re in the right place, because you’ve officially been hired to build an entire park full of rides that shatter the limitations of the ordinary with impossification. Welcome to a world where the fantasy of creating the universe’s greatest theme park comes true – welcome to Park Beyond!

Strap in for your maiden voyage in 2022!

Midnight Fight Express Gamescom 2021 Trailer

Ready to brawl? Midnight Fight Express is coming Summer 2022!

Fight your way across the city in a brutal romp that mixes old school brawlers, fast-paced motion captured combat, customizable skills. Use fists, feet, knives, pipes, pistols, machine guns and more to wade through piles of enemies on your way to victory.

1. Fast-paced combat system including light and heavy melee attacks, blocking, counter attacks, throws, dodging, melee and ranged weapons, brutal finishing moves, and environmental kills triggered when close to appropriate objects/areas.
2. Motion captured fight animation system
3. Customizable character including appearance, skills, and combat style
4. Amazing soundtrack
5. Over 40 levels of very challenging gameplay each with scores and leaderboards

Comanche Release Trailer

Pilots, Comanche is ready for take-off and exits early access with its 1.0 Update!

Experience seven new Conflicts missions, more enemies, better multiplayer matchmaking, improved visuals and much more. Fight your way through the evolving single player campaign, master your skills in Conflicts missions or compete with other players in explosive team-based multiplayer modes.

Download NOW on Steam, Microsoft Store, GOG, and soon on Epic Games Store!

The Good Life English Trailer

Welcome to Rainy Woods

“Debt repayment RPG” The Good Life is developed by White Owls – led by Swery, creator of Deadly Premonition, D4 -Dark Dreams Don’t Die, and The Missing – and Grounding Inc. – led by Yukio Futatsugi, creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust.

The Good Life is scheduled for a Fall 2021 digital release to Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStationⓇ4, and Xbox One.

FAR: Changing Tides Feature Reveal Trailer

Dive to new depths with the submersible feature which allows you to navigate your huge ship both above and below the surface. Fold the sails and batten down the hatches as you take the plunge to explore the ruins of a drowned civilisation.

In FAR: Changing Tides you must use the winds, the waves and precious fuel to power your ship as you traverse through the flooded landscape in search of a new home.

FAR: Changing Tides will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X/S in early 2022.