Keith Harris (bigbonedninja)

Born in the world of Nerd, and Raised in the nation of Dorkdom, or somewhere in between. I can't be too sure. I have grown from a little tyke that wanted nothing more than to be a gamer. I needed gaming like we all need air... Okay, maybe not that much, but I think you get my drift. I have been gaming since I was 8 on the Nintendo Entertainment System after begging and pleading for months, upgraded to a Super Nintendo a few years later when being raised by a single mom who couldn't afford it made sure I still had it (you kicked so much caboose mom. RIP), to the Panasonic 3DO (Don't hate). Then I regained my senses and earned my stripes with my very first game on PlayStation. Battle Arena Toshinden 3. I couldn't stop there though. I made my way up the latter to a Dreamcast (Long Live The Cast!), A PlayStaton 2, an X-Box for about a week), and then then after many, many years the PlayStation 3. I never thought I would be able to afford one. Long Live The Mighty Pawn Shops of the World! Got my PS4 as a gift to which my head is still spinning and it's been 2 years. And I have finally had my eyes opened to the power of PC gaming. I love console gaming and that will never change, but now that I have a gaming computer powerful enough to play high end games on higher graphics settings... I see the other side. Still not a member of the 'PC Master Race' though. Dues are too much, and they have a crappy dental plan. I have however picked up a few (over 350) games on steam via gifts, and REALLY good deals, and been hard pressed to look back. Okay, nerd ramble almost over. I have a few goals in life. One is to join two of my maybe four of my favorite things in this crazy world; gaming, and writing. I have been fortunate enough to write an article or three here on OnRPG about one of my favorite fighting game franchises as of March 26, 2018. Tekken. Yeah! I have also written a ton of nerdy things such as fanfiction and poems. I have almost come close to writing poems about games, but stopped myself. I have a problem. Help me!. I also love super heroes, and the occasional anime. I am a nerd of many facets. Woo hoo! Another goal is to improve my writing. Always striving to be a little more than I was the day before. :)

Keith's Latest Articles, Editorials, and Contributions

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