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  1. I think I will start Wakfu up… I was admitted into that beta eons ago D:.
  2. I've gotten back into Ultima Online with some friends and playing the Wakfu beta still, hopefully it releases sometime soon.
  3. Wassup! I'm not really playing anything at the moment.. art school taking up my life. I've rejoined the writing team last week though, so I'll surely dive into something. I've been playing a bit of TF2 lately though… except I suck ;x. What about you ?!
  4. What games you playing lately darling?
  5. Yes I do c:. soweeeee never saw that post!!
  6. RAAAAAwwwwr
  7. awe but now you are unbanned right?
  8. D; silly fork
  9. I got temp-banned lol
  10. You're back? D:

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