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  1. oooooo awesome! I'm still at the art gallery. Full time again since it is summer . Life's gud. How's the casino?
  2. Same here, started working full time at a casino. :>
  3. Lots !! I miss youuuu
  4. What's up mr. Jam?
  5. Malteeeeeeeee
  6. Yeah I love my job! As for my summer, it is composed of working on a play (doing graphic design for it as well as the marketing and photography aspects of the production), working full time, writing, and then a little bit of time left to have a life (which is rare x
  7. art gallery? sounds like fun.
    I'm currently just working and gaming. I might go to a festival in july but otherwise I have no plans whatsoever.
    What about you? What does your summer look like?
  8. thats really close to full time :P ended up getting a job at an art gallery awesome gig!

    hows ur summer going along?
  9. That's not full time.. but it's enough to keep me rolling for a while.
    Why don't you check if they need people over at GP Canada?
  10. Sounds like a cool job! Full time is good moniessss. I need a full time job :x.

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