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  1. Cyphers is still hard! D:
  2. got bored of cyphers? and i guess that means u have no other choice other than rusty hearts :3
  3. The cap is still 24 on dn Nothing for me to do!
  4. oh nevemind, its not down...guess I haven't been following it much recently~ >_>
  5. ah. yea haha, that makes sense. tbh DN is better than RH imo~ but since DN is still down, what else is there to do?
  6. I dunno..maybe I got too used to dragon nests pace D:
  7. lol why? the flow of combat? art design? grind? what about it was weird? its basically DnF with 3D perspective and a little slower combat.
  8. Rusty hearts was weird.
  9. I dunno how! I've just been playing all day now I'm all..tired. @_@ and cyphers is patching way too slow..
  10. hmm....maybe. All the new episodes and new content is indeed enticing~ convince me better
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