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  1. how do you do kamen rider god? i tried to watch kamen rider drive but they started blocking it!
  2. Get your *** back on onrpg you nub
  3. I ran out of kamen rider gif google can only find so much. Hate is not allowed in vistor message.
  4. itsu so ugly bogly fugly =(
  5. Whats wrong with this one
  6. i miss your kamen rider avatar
  7. man the korean version i played on was awesome they even had new class lol
  8. The best fast pace side scroller netgames did an awful with it. The MY version is so out of the question they don't care at all about the game.
  9. ghost online shouldn't have shut down its so much fail *cry*
  10. so unfair you need to be cry =(
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