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  1. I'm actually 18, I graduated this past spring, and no I don't think we have had this conversation.
  2. Wow, you are a college student? o.o Sorry, didn't know. xD How old are you?
    (By the way, I do not think we ever had a conversation like this, and if we did, I do not remember -- I'm 16--17! )
  3. Wow, I just have to work a lot, and then there is college. That's really the main reason why I'm busy.
  4. Soon to be very busy. Got a Play coming up, have to keep up my grades to stay in the top 15% of my class, getting ready for Term Paper in English, need to start applying for colledges, and then there are all the RPs on here... xD
  5. Busy, very busy, and you?
  6. True...though, we are never on at the same time, so we seem dead to one another. xD
    So, how is life?
  7. How could I be talking to you if I wasn't?
  8. Yes, I am. :o
    Are you still alive?
  9. Loki are you still alive?
  10. I've been good, very busy though what with college and work and all. As for the new site it can't be finished till Luma gets back and idk when she gets back 4m camp. So ya lqtm.
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