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  1. Happy birthday
  2. yeah, you were with a girl, I wouldve said hi but i wasn't sure if it was you and i was in line paying lol.
    You had a greenish teal hoodie. But recognized that plaid red bag lol
  3. you saw meeeeeeee? D: I'll pm you my cell incase this occurs again!
  4. Wanna pm me your email?
  5. Seriously. Such bastards.
  6. The fact they did NOTHING is killing me inside. They are giving in and giving them even more money.
  7. MOGMOGMOGMOGMOGMGOMG I really hope it ends! I NEED IT TO END OMG. Though, it sucks that they haven't changed anything... that pisses me off .
  8. Did you hear the bus strike might be over soon?
    Apparently they are giving in and nothing is gonna change. Basically the strike was a whole waste.
  9. Im crying that I can't even leave the house.
  10. Omg.. is it ever freaking cold outside >.<;
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