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  1. Nice. I might try La Tale again...but the grind rate is insane. ><
  2. rawr

    Sup dude. I'm trying to start playing La Tale again and I'm trying out WK.

    They're okay. NEED DFO

  3. *poke*

    Alive? :o
  4. Onrpg is the best rpg you'll ever play. Come back. lolol
  5. Well, it's kept me engaged for like 6 months; that's longer than every game but Endless lol.
  6. :o It must be really fun?
  7. FFXI, basically...]:

    *sad face
  9. Haha. I played for like...5 minutes. And I didn't really like it. Maybe I'll redownload it and actually give it a chance. Lol.
  10. TF2 (PS3). Nothing else, really, though I'm about to try LUNA.
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