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  1. I have a feeling that this may be the most awesome experiance we ever have. . . . . . . . . . Btw, I sent you that Pm.
  2. Sent it too you. By the way, I lost my Mr.Couch picture, so you gotta find your own. . .
  3. Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. Can you give me your picture file so that I can use those.
  4. Hellz yeah! That way the plot is open and things can go any way we want ehehehehe! Anywho, when Kiara first came? eh you have your people mixed up, Kiara has been there since she was three, its Alabasters first year there :P
  5. So this will be before Willow correct?

    I will set it about two years before, when Kiara first came to the school, and while Lucky and Vivica first get together.
  6. Shit son, I am going to have so much fun with this. by the way, since im going to be Vivica, and your going to be Lucky I am defninantly going to have fun with this.
  7. Hell yes, I will get started right away. here is the sheet that will be used so that you can go ahead and make your characters.

    Color Name:
    Other Nickname(s):
    How Old You Look:
    True Age:
    Gender: (Both IS possible)
    Other basic Info:

    General Looks:
    Visual Apperance(s): (You can use up to three pics of the same person)

    Personality: (In a Nut shell)
    Short Bio: (When I say short I mean keep it below a paragraph. If you want to write more, be my guest.)
    Family: (Anybody you are related to at Persephone?)
    Relationships: (Means exactly what it means.)
    Other: ( any other info)
  8. Yes! Yes! And Yes! Fine, if you are playing those then I choose Vivica, Kiara, Crimson, and Cobalt. The rest can be Npc. lol
  9. Eh! Omg, had the greatest Idea ever. Let me make a Persephone academy roleplay! Please, please, please, please, please. Then we can tottaly both play some of the characters. . . But I call Lucky! And Avalon! And Alabaster! And Mr.Couch!
  10. I sound like a creeper, but after halloween send me pics of you guys all dressed up xD

    Dont dress Annah up as Ebony, thats weird. . . .

    Mike and Audry would make the perfect Indigo and Violet.

    I really wanna see Chelsea in a Mr.Couch outfit!!! Take pictures next time!
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