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  1. awesome! alrighty then i shall make a short reply to the others then send Catty off to find you ok?
  2. hey was that a good opening post from me for ya hehe long and exciting
  3. ok guess my idea for an armour wearing! chainsaw welding madman! is out of the question lol was gonna make him wear some armour so he could run at the zom's but never mind :P
  4. yes, if they bite, touch, or even get thier blood on you, you will get infected, wich you wont know untill the rash spreads.
  5. ok ill put up my sheet in a min or 2 takes me a bit to think of history and stuff :P oh and that whole touch thing is that like if they bite you and u get it or well if u are touched by them :P
  6. alrighty then we will be happy to have you on the team if you join!
  7. lol ill have me a look see i do love a good zombie rp
  8. Hiya, wanna join a zombie/virus roleplay? its called infection:finding safety
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