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  1. Oh I'm sorry, I like to bite.
  2. That hurt.
  3. Well it's hard not to ruin a bad joke when you see one. :3
  4. Indeed.

    Well, at least until you ruined the punch line. I'd been looking forward to using that all week.
  5. Nope.

    Are you gonna help me with that? lol
  6. Don't you have a little mexican in you?
  7. Spanish is sooo not sexy.

    When I think of Spanish I think of burritos.
  8. El Centauro del Norte aka Pancho Villa aka Francisco Villa aka José Doroteo Arango Arámbula aka...well, that's all I got.

    ˇViva la revolución! etc.
  9. Who's the constipated mexicano in your avatar?
  10. I love you! Even though your people stole our jobs.
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