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  1. I'm called Nexoz and I think we're recruiting any level. Not really sure.
  2. Damn,no problem BUT i rerolled tauren hunter on Ragnaros,Peakhunter what is your ign?And if your in a guild,whjat level do they invite?
  3. I don't really want to reroll till I get my character to 80, sorry. :P
  4. np,MSN then?

    and Horde sweet,ragnaros hmm

    planning to reroll soon?if so i will join you
  5. I don't use xfire and I don't plan to use it. :P

    Anyway, I'm on Ragnaros or however you spell it. Nexoz. And I'm on Horde btw.
  6. Hey,you play WOW Eu right?

    Horde or Alliance?and what server?i am looking to start a horde now,so add me on xfire and we will talk
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