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  1. everyday i get home around 4 and i have till midnight. i got my warlock to 22 and just got my troll priest. to 15 so i can start doing dungeons. so i would like to either meet up with you on a char to dungeon with my troll or play on my tauren shaman. let me know.
  2. Hey what times can you be on this week?
  3. Get on!@!@!@!!@@ adsadaweqesd abwdqe nqeqnqwe q eqwr
  4. Np m8 im in doing dungeon finder
  5. hey! sorry a friend picked me up after school and i just got home. i can play this whole weekend though.
  6. Hey we should chart out in WoW Calendar in game what times will be on, so we can level prob, because i think theres a time limit on this x3 shit like 90days. or w/e
  7. Yo I'm on
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