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  1. WELL tell the stupid virus to leave u alone!!! . . . . stupid virus >_>
  2. heyy u should go join bloodhounds (part two) lol bloody made it its pretty chill so u should join!!!(: please
  3. lol ummmmmmok then . . . . . and yeah ppl get on this late normaly idk y more arnt on now O.o lol
  4. lol sweet . . . . i wanna use my powers/abilitys in x-men . . . . SOMEONE ASK ME FOR WATER!!!! lol wow im a lil bit hyper and like nobody is on here so we cant move the story too much . . .
  5. lol thanks . . . i probably could of made it better . . . . i screwed up on her when i frist posted it cuz i didnt look at every other char *FACE PLANTS* lol but i fixed her and ur char should give alexis a nickname since she dont like the name alex
  6. Hey, im Chaos . . . . same as Bleed and Bloody thats my name cuz of how long the name really is. I posted in x-men too(:
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