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  1. oh you were on but not on msn =-=;; im playing haven and im lost T_T Chidori ing
  2. Be afraid...BFF forever, mwahahahahaha.
  3. you fear me with the hopes of friend domination
  4. I'm re-downloading it now to prove you wrong!
  5. oh no you arn't :S all lies ;-; otherwise you would have added me to msn :O
  6. Because I want to be yours and I'm sending you signals.
  7. why do i want to be your friend?
  8. Because it takes a lot of time and money to be this adorable.
  9. why are you so adorable to me
  10. Well, when I was a child, I visited a farm where a flock of chickens pecked at my legs and now...I've been in a wheelchair and I promised to myself "Never again".
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