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  1. Oh it's only AIDs. Great cause my semen cures that.
  2. I'm pretty infectious.

    Aids caught me and the doctor told the virus it only had a week to live.
  3. That wont stop anyone from finding out!
    I'm a screamer and a lot of it will be containing your name.
    Plus all I want is a lap dance. ****!
    Just drop and shake and bounce and I don't know where you've been.
    Can I see medical records?
  4. Nothing ventured...nothing gained!

    *puts a do not disturb sign on the door*
  5. You're rubbing way too low! *points to crotch*
    It's the only way to be forgiven.
    Oh and use your butt. Do a little shake shake.
    And I will love you till the sun burns out and everything dies.
    Or at least till you stop crying.
    Whatever comes first. :3 <333
  6. aaww i was just playin =/

    *rubs your feet*...*sniffs*.........*continues rubbing* >_>
  7. If you give me a fish I am going to slap you with it. DISRESPECT!
    No love for you. I'll be cursing you. FOREVER

  8. Give someone a fish and they'll eat for a day.

    Teach them how to fish and I'm not your goddamn butler!!!
  9. Good. Now act cute and get me a sammmich.
  10. I know lol.

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