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  1. ragnarok classic is tons more stable than the other warpportal servers so i think you should give it a try!

    900 players when its morning in america soon
  2. ok :P I haven't gotten any cards yet thou :P
  3. i earned three card so far and one being total garbage! >.<
  4. ok, I have made 3 chars now!

    just found this badass shield thou :3 0,03% drop chance
  5. you can play forever if you pay once, but you can only create characters during vip service.
  6. do I pay 7 dollars each month or just one time for the character slots?

    and can I still play on the vip server after my powered-up time ?
  7. 7 dollars only so i think its worth paying.
  8. yeah, I hope they will have more of these Free VIP tickets
  9. vip server is alot better because no chinese botters = no lag (they're from chinese jails)
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