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  1. What exactly is going on with yer signature there?
  2. Anytime dude, enjoy!
  3. Thanks for that deals site link in some thread you posted. I totally just got a whole box of Dutch Masters for $5 haha.
  4. y u no psn? :c
  5. Haha, one of my favorite scenes. :P

    One dog goes one way, one dog goes the other way.

    I lol'd.
  7. Hes stenciling skills are ****ING INCREDIBLE.

    I'm sitting here, proud of my 2 layers...he has like 10 haha. And they always come out so clean, with underspray. I wish I knew how he did that.
  8. thanks :P

    some of banksy's best work.
  9. Man I ****ing LOVE your signature :O
  10. I totally would, but its a dead project now that Tiffys laptop has broken D:

    Once we get it back up, we'll start again.
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