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  1. Are you still alive? |D
  2. LOL. Why does that make you feel old?! Hahah.
    What's your facebook/skype/msn? :3
  3. Wow, that really makes me feel old
    But wooo college!! and yes yes i do, i have all of those things :P
  4. Haha, I've been EVERYWHERE~ jk jk. xD I've been doing okay. Freshman in college now. Dooood. I remember when I was on here back in 6TH GRADE!!! HAHA. crazy, right?
    do you have msn/skype/facebook/anything we could chat more often on? xD
  5. Indeed it has! where have you been >_>
  6. OLAPH!!!
    long time no talk~~
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