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  1. Right now, a mixture of League of Legends, World of Tanks, Tribes and Eve. Always on the prowl for new stuff though. Played a few rounds of Dota 2 at a friend's house, that was fun. Maybe we should find a game to play together, that could be fun!
  2. Not too shabby.

    Hope things have been well your end. What've you been playing lately? Boredom has been settling in yet again and I'm back here trying to find something decent to play. :'(
  3. Wow, hey Enid how are you?
  4. Yo. It's been a while! :o
  5. Aww no. That sucks. Feel better soon.

    I'm downloading All Points Bulletin at the moment. Looks fun, might as well test it out.
  6. Good good Just playing a little Lost Saga at the moment. I have bronchitis
  7. Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

    Nothing new unfortunately. How ya been?
  8. Hey friend. Anything new?
  9. I've found a lot of recently developed/published Korean games are just clones of eachother. Same tedious gameplay, different graphics. It's difficult for me to find a game, particularly a MMO, with enthralling gameplay AND beautiful graphics. I think it's a trend at the moment to have one but not the other. But maybe I'm just picky! Hehe
  10. Hmm. That sounds like an interesting mix of games. I have always been attracted to visually stunning games but gameplay is important or I'll grow tired quickly of the game. For example, Eve has great graphics and solid gameplay. Diablo II is an example of loving a game for the gameplay. I <3 D2 for its gameplay but it's graphics are only so-so. Some of these new Korean games I see people posting about pique my interest but I wonder how much of it is for show and how much of it is content.
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