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  1. Whats up??
  2. Hey sorry for the wait. My flipping bad! Anyway I'm back and ready to start working on it!
  3. when ever your ready im down to start work on it
  4. You kidding me. Hell ya. I'd love to. The two of us working on an Rp. It's gonna be amazing.
  5. HEy man im looking to make a new rp wanna help me?
  6. Haha It's good to be back! I joined Mithril!!!
  7. Bout time Screenie
  8. Haha Hey TK long time no see. Sorry. When you came back I was gone. I'm back now though.
  9. HEy bro its been along time and im finally back ,Ima bring mithril back wanna help me do it bro?
  10. heyy foxx dude i jus thought of something
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