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  1. if you don't want to see rainbow fonts please press F1 i mean my xfire is Ailyth, it sucks i can't tease you with colors there..
  2. She was doing the same with me kanaju


    where what when why

    Where:Trinidad and Tobago
    What:an island
    When:Age 1-14,14 years
    Why:i was born here
  3. where what when why
  4. hmm did it work did it?!?!
  5. thank you.
  6. one color please
  7. english plox
  8. Alright,well uhh can you not post in a way i can see every again?
  9. so i heard this is what you wanted your eyes to see, is true?
  10. omg,anyways you got xfire?hopefully there you cant type in all different colours of the world
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