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  1. i wish i could dude! my comp's got a virus and the comp im usin now wont let me see the chat box's when i acctually manage to log on >.< i cant figure it out, any ideas?
  2. Yo dude get your *** on chatango! Gotta speak to you! and I also left an important message in it aswell! So yeah! get your *** on it!
  3. chatango plz?
  4. lol, i need a few seconds to come up with the sheet, im good but im not the best ^_^
  5. deal deal lol ^_^
  6. lol, you never said if i could join as a full blood evil guy so i never bothered, assuming your silence ment no >.<
  7. lol, yea, i guess that does make sense, but being discriptive is something you gotta learn not something you can just do with no learning at all lolz

    in my opinion
  8. dont wanna sound weird lol, you a guy or a girl? the pic is too small to tell
  9. lol, cool, i would say that since i've started rp'ing, almost three or four years ago, that i have gotten much better, i used to be horrible but i think ive gotten better, i mean, i would post one or two undetailed sentences, but at least, now, when i try hard enough, i get some details in there... obviously i need to improve still
  10. Wow I looked up the old eternal paradise thread and posts sucked back then that was when i was like halfway through and getting to know eachother good aswell >_< oh lord, atleast my grammer has improved now.....thanks to the almighty online thesauras!

    lol, i know how you feel, when i first started, was worse then it is now
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